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Youth and the Future Golden Gloves

Youth and the Future Golden Gloves

Story by Joseph Martinez & Yvonne Sandoval

At the San Fernando gym you find friends and family together striving to be better at the sport of “Amateur Boxing”

I met Jessie Rodriguez, father and boxing coach for his two sons Jessie 14 and Joshua 19.   Joshua  is ranked #2 Light Fly Weight National Champion.

I was also introduced to Chris Ramos father and coach to his three boys Joshua 13, Jason 17 and Cresencio 19.  Cresencio currently holds the #2 Lightweight National Championship.

I asked,  “Guy’s… have any of your boys sustained any injuries?“   “not really”  replied one of the dads. “Maybe a cut over the eye,  that’s about the worse it has been, said the other. “   “I believe you have a higher chance of getting injured playing football” , replied Jesse Rodriguez. Boxing builds their self-esteem and self-discipline.  The mothers of the boys are very proud of their son’s achievements in boxing and when I asked, “ How do the mom’s like this sport for their sons?”

Both coaches at the same time said,  “Awww.. .….The wives LOVE IT! They are really in to it .

Boxing takes the boys away from home for competitions many times during the year, so families travel together sometimes for a whole week.  Looking at the young boxers ages how do they handle school?

Jessie said, “ I have them enrolled in a home school River City Academy .”  The boys visit their teacher regularly in which they receive lessons in the academic subjects.

Chris stated,  “My oldest boy is going to attend UTSA after high school and my other boys are enrolled in the traditional high and middle schools here in San Antonio.”

When training for a match how do your boys prepare themselves?  One thing is they  watch what they eat.  They include more protein like chicken and do not eat greasy foods and  they cut the sugar.

Will they be going pro or staying at a  amateur status?   When do you make that move?  “That depends on the boys”,  said the dads.   “Turning pro is tough going at first,  you make  barely  enough to  cover expenses for travel, food and lodging but, it should get a bit easier  after the first 10 fights when the purse gets larger.”

“When we are on the road. we share rooms to save some money. It seems like we are always on the road and broke but It’s for the love of the sport and the kids”,  stated Jesse.

One thing is evident,  these talented young men are Focused and Dedicated.

Photos by: Joseph Martinez

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