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Wicked Season

Wicked Season

Story and pictures by Joseph Martinez

   Who wants a double scoop of HARD ROCK! That’s what you get when you go see Wicked Season. They played this pass weekend at the Tonic bar . From Billy Idol to heavy sounds from Metallica; they will slip an older “Foghat” tune at times.  Powerful and LOUD is the norm for this band.  You are guaranteed to have a great time if you are a hard core rocker.

 I catch many different groups and enjoy many styles of music. This one is on my list. Something I notice was the GREAT lights and the Wonderful audio quality. Crisp and clear all night long.  Bare footed was lead singer “Matthew Gates” singing familiars tunes we all love to snap our heads to. This was their debut show for 2013 season.  

When I spoke to Matt about the band he said first off there are six members to the band. I Look and saw only 4 persons, including himself as the singer. He insisted strongly that the Audio man and the Light guy are an important part of the group. I must agree with that point.  There are too many bands out there with muddy sounding audio and weak lighting or none at all.  The lighting was controlled by a lap top computer and programed in sync with each song.  This adds dimension to the event to make it more complete show.

It was evidenced that the band members knew their craft well.

  • Lead vocals    Matthew Gates
  • Guitar            James Garza (back up vocals)
  • Bass               Alexander Jimenez
  • Drums           Sam Tobar 
  • Audio             Joey Tabres (back up vocals)
  • Lights             Jeanko  Lara
  • Stage hand,sercurity,marketing   Rob Martin

Not new to music, some of the band members’  have been at the same venues with likes such as Seether, Blackstone Cherry, Saving Abel, and Hinder.

With Energy packed original songs and covered songs. This will surely guide then on the road of success for… WICKED SEASON!

KEEP ROCKING   MY FRIENDS,     Joseph Martinez

River City Attractions, San Antonio TX.


 See them at Papawoodys  on May the 11th.

For more..  Check out their Wicked web site for  events , bios and Much More!