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WAR…. Blast from the Past!!

WAR…. Blast from the Past!!

From Spill the wine to Cisco Kid. The classic band did not disappoint anyone in the audience.  All the great songs were played. There was dancing and  folks singing along with enthusiasm and joy.

Music; it brings you back to a special time or moments of yester year. (It keeps me young)

Sipping on a cold one or munching on a snack. from the young and the young at heart it was an evening made just right. The venue was at the Wonderland of the Americas Mall. It was part of the Salute to America Music Celebrations. There will be free concerts for the upcoming month. Need more information?

It was an early 4th of July celebration for the lucky people in attendance.

“WAR” has sold over 60 million albums since 1969 and going strong. Like in many bands, members leave and some are added. What is true about “WAR” Is that quality has not diminished but more highly polishe,. They Are a class act.

Need more info for tour dates and band member bios

Click on WARs’ web site.

Walking among the fans I must say, Texan folks are the best! I would hear

“Have a seat, do you need some water?” Time after time I find kindness in abundances. It’s not limited to only music venues,but all over here in Texas. When you have gathering of family and friends’ it only gets better.

It’s great to be here in San Antonio and living in this great state of Texas !
Story and pictures by Joseph Martinez

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