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This is what makes me MAD as

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96 Year-Old Latino Former Arizona Governor Detained By Border Patrol In 100 Degree Heat

By Ian Millhiser  on Jul 6, 2012 at 12:00 pm

This man is Raúl Héctor Castro. He is 96 years old, a former Arizona governor, and a former United States Ambassador to El Salvador, Bolivia and Argentina. He was born in Mexico, and is a United States citizen.

Last month he was stopped by U.S. border patrol agents after residual radiation from a medical procedure he’d recently undergone triggered an alarm at a checkpoint in Tubac, AZ. The 96 year-old heart patient was then forced to exit his vehicle in the 100 degree Arizona heat and wait in a tent in a business suit, even as his companion begged the agents not to subject an elderly man to such treatment.

This is the third time the former governor and ambassador has been detained by border control. The first occurred years ago while he was repairing his own fence and agents stopped him and asked to see his work card — although they eventually desisted after Castro pointed out a sign by his farm entrance that read “Judge Castro.” The second occurred years later in San Diego, although that encounter ended shortly after someone recognized Castro and said “Governor, how are you?


Now I know we will forever be un-fortunately living with a few Bad politicians that dictate their personal views into the law including those in our Supreme Court

However some of you in law enforcement need to go back to school and get a formal education! I have myself been in meetings where these big fat politicians are trying to come up with rules and regulations, and when someone like me jumps in  with “Are You Crazy” They simply say “Well at least we are not the one’s on the street having to enforce our crazy ideas!

This is Racial Profiling at it’s best.

I’m Mad


p.s. I hope my friends Dr.Paul Ruiz & Margie don’t read this as I’m having a hard time keeping my blood pressure levels in check.