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The Reunion


The Reunion

  At the Historical Cadillac bar Just behind the court house “The Reunion” played to a small yet warm audience.

  Newly form, band came together by a rather an unusual way.

I ask Steven Martinez (lead rhythm guitar) how the band came about. Steve said simply “We had a family reunion and we needed music. I, and Cousin James Martinez and others decided to play and entertain our families.

  We had such a good time playing. We did not want to stop. We were encouraged to “Keep on going”

And here we are. We just hand our band one year anniversary this past April.

 We have not been together for very long. The hardest thing to do is finding the time for practice.

 I ask what kind of music you like to preform “80’s 90’s and early 2000 Alternative Rock is what we do”.

 Songs from such artists as Green Day, Nirvana, Violent Femmes, Nine Inch Nails

   The Reunion had a small glitch just before the band was to start to play. No cymbals for the drums. It’s kind of hard to play rock music without them.20 minutes later. They got back on track.

Hard driving rock was on tap that night. The group played well together. Like a fine wine. With a little bit of aging I see them getting even better. If you like alternative rock then I am sure that you will like this rock band.

Look for them at your local venue

Band Members:

Steve Martinez,           Lead-rhythm guitar

 Frank Rodriguez        Vocal-Lead-rhythm guitar

James Martinez            Bass-guitar back backing vocal

R.J Sanchez                 Drums Back backing vocal

  For booking and more information….

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Story and pictures by Joseph Martinez