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The Pastie Pops

The Pastie Pops

Pictures and story, joseph Martinez.

Last Saturday night I drop by “Up Town Studio” at 700 Fredericksburg Rd. to see local show “The Pastie Pops”. All involved in the show was just wonderful. The head liner was Missy Lisa, and featuring “Elle Du Jour”. There was a total of eight performers doing their own unique thing. Some, combining song with their acts Poetry and light hearted comedy

Creativity and Graceful moves went hand and hand all night long.

If you have not been to a burlesque and variety show, Ya got to go and see one.  It’s not what I was expecting. The local talents are out standingl.

Missy Lisa and Elle Du Jour, performances were well-planned out and choreograph exotic moves that titillated the audience.

I notice was most of the audience was about 75% ladys .  I ask Jasper Saint James, of  “The Pastie Pops” is this typical of your turn out. He said “Yes… Sometimes it’s a girls night out or they want to pick up some pointers so they can have some fun at home.”

Jasper has been doing burlesque and variety show with the Pastie Pops for five years.  A lively show  to say the least.  Jasper not only produces the show. He is part of it as well.

If you miss this show It will be back at “Up Town Studio” in march. Check out Face book at

for times, dates and if you think you may have the right stuff to be on stage. Contact Jasper to get details

All I can say, the evening. It was a BLAST.

Thanks Pastie Pops

Joseph Martinez

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