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The Mo-Dels

The Mo-Dels


Story & pictures by Joseph Martinez

Feel good music is what the Mo-Dels are about.

From the Monkey’s Last Train To Clarksville to Elvis Presley’s  Jail House Rock, this band gets the blood pumping and people to the dance floor.

The Mo-Dels play a variety of music to match the mood. Always on the go the band travels all throughout South Texas to play gigs.

 Private parties, weddings, night clubs the band has played together for quite a while.

Guitar player “Dave “ and the bass player Keith Owens are good friends and enjoy making music together since the seventies to present.

On keyboard is Bill Reed   You will find pounding the drums is Mr Jose Carlos Lopez, both total professionals.

What makes a good band? Ask ten people you’ll get ten different answers. Judging by the audience I saw enjoying the music, the answer is yes;

The Mo-Dels have some magic and they bring it on every time there are on stage.

Thanks’ for Great evening….

Joseph Martinez River City Attractions