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The Latest News on Javier Galván and the Ramos Family

By Ramón Hernández


It was 10:19 p.m. on Sunday, June 13 when Javier Galván was involved in a head-on collision with an oncoming vehicle near Winters, Texas. And it didn’t take long for the rumor mill to spread word that Galván had perished. And when some people read that he was incapacitated, they took this to mean decapitated.

As everyone now knows, the saddest of news is that three persons did lose their life. They were Marisa Ramos, 20, Cissy Ramos, 46 and seven-year-old Adalynn Muñiz. Therefore, this writer and the entire StreetTalk magazine staff extend our deepest sympathies to their families.

God spared siblings Keelie Ramos, 12, and Kolbie Ramos, 9. However, they, as Galván, were critically injured and all are recovering in different hospitals.

During Galván’s stay in an Abilene medical facility, I was kept abreast of his condition by Allysun Marie “Ally” Sandoval Gutiérrez, who works for the City of Abilene.

When her sister, Anissa Sandoval Saldana, who is best friends with Norma (Javier’s wife) and Javi Jr., learned of Javier’s situation, she made sure that Ally tended to the Galvan family’s needs. Furthermore, thanks to Ally’s husband (T)Sgt. Demitrio  Gutierrez, who is stationed at Dyess AFB, they were able to house Norma at the military lodging facility.

And their father Eddie Sandoval, of RiverCityAttractions   kept this writer up to date of all that was going on until Javier was transferred to a San Antonio hospital where this writer was able to visit the now full bearded singer/songwriter shortly after his arrival. Thus, I was witness to the result of the power of prayer when I saw he had survived despite numerous internal injuries and a few broken bones.

I was initially in deep shock since Galván wrote an incredibly tell-all book, God Always Wins, in which he covers his unbelievably rise to stardom and the pitfalls of most musicians in his personal testimony as he hooks the reader into an awesome inspiring motivational message that covers forgiveness and redemption. I know because as his editor, I read the book four times. Then, we met on an average of once a week to tighten it up plus select the best of hundreds of pictures. Then, this unfortunate devastating fatal collision occurred a few days after our fourth meeting.

Two weeks later, I attended the fundraiser that J.R. Gómez, a close friend of the Ramos Family, had put together to benefit the families of the fatal accident on Friday, July 1 at Desperados.


The lineup this evening included Rubén Ramos, Jay Pérez, La Sombra’s Tony Guerrero, Ram Herrera, Art Tigerina, LA 45, Jaimé De Anda, La Calma, Texas Latino; plus, newcomers LaDezz featuring Lisa Mar, and Tina Marez – all backed with a house band led by Mario Ortíz. And of course, 41-year-old J.R. Ramos – formerly with Mazz, the Kumbia Kingz and Los Conjunto Bandits – put on an unforgettable performance.

No need to say that I wanted to make it a point to meet the families of the victims in what would have been an awkward situation for the deepest heartfelt condolences cannot not resurrect their loved ones. Words can not change what transpired. Beautifully said phrases cannot erase or alleviate their grief. However, they did not attend this function.

“However, they will be present at the second benefit concert to be held on Friday, July 9 at Club Pink in Lubbock,” J.R. Gómez told me after a couple of hours of backing up other acts.

That fundraiser will feature the Homeboyz, David Lee Rodríguez, Tristan Ramos, Mónica Saldivar, Savannah Votion, the Jordan Rodríguez Band, plus Bobby G and the Galaxy Band, followed by a monster jam session consisting of West Texas musicians will follow all the acts.’

Desperados club owner J.R. Rendón, who loaned his venue for this benefit was also disappointed, but as he said, “I am now have a non-profit association so I’m doing this to help out people as I do a food line on the side.”

Noting the vocalists, musicians, their families, and guests out-numbered those that paid, I pray this benefit made money to help the Ramos family. Therefore, I’m glad that according to, a GoFundMe page has been set up for the families of the victims.In closing,  Streettalk magazine’s staff asks our readers to continue praying for God to lay his healing hand on Galván, Keelie and Kolbie Ramos.