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The Klocks

                                               The Klocks

Story and Pictures by joseph Martinez

I was given a tip that a band was going to play at Mi-Casa restaurant in Boerne Texas.

My first thoughts OK… A house band, then happily   I found out it was The Klocks, A Seasoned Texas rock band.

Walking to the stage, that was set toward the rear of the venue. I was greeted with the wonderful aroma of hill country BBQ. Pity, I did not have time to grab a bite.

In the distant, I heard the classic Spanish tune Suavemente  followed  by a Rick Springfield Jessie’s girl was playing.

The open air venue was large with plenty of seating was available. Close by there was a playground for the kids.

As I approached the stage, the light show got my attention. Animated led lights behind the band. It appeared to be a smaller version of the light show that you would see in the old part of the Las Vegas strip. The lighting engineer Billy Jack Tejerina should be commended for his excellent work.

The Klocks play many classic songs like a Bee-Gee medley that the drummer, Mack Gonzales sung in a falsetto voice. Some in the audience like myself, found it hard to believe that it came out from such burly guy.    I got a heads up that he dose’s a killer Jackson- Five tunes as well.

The audio was clear and crisp. Up close or far away. Even next to the basketball court. (Set way far back)  It was a joy to listen to. Setting up audio for an outdoor event is very different than indoors. Mathew Sledge, the sound engineer knows his craft well.

Talking to the bass player and front man Brent Fields I asked….

Q: How many years has the band been together?

We started back 1980, Broke up in 1986, then got back in touch in 1995 and started again. Two of us are from the original band. My self and Ed Doren

Q: Do you have a favorite personal song?

Suavemente, Speaking and singing Spanish is not my native tongue so I find it challenging singing a classic Spanish song that so many fans like.

Q: how did you come up with the name The Klocks?

It’s a play on words. Like Styx’s and others bands from the 80’s

Q:  What in the future for the band.

More diversity, it’s the key to our success.

Q: Hey Brent, I see you a greatest hit’s cd?

It’s our first cd. Not a compilation album. It shows the full range of songs we play. The one exception is a covered by Pink Floyd “Time”.

Q: Do you see adding more members to the band?

We tried before but, the four of us in stage. It feels comfortable.

I want to thank you for a great evening Brent and best wishes for  The Klock’s




Band members

Lead Vocals- Bass: Brent Fields

Guitar: Ben Gonzales

Keyboard: Ed Doren

Drums: Mack Gonzales

The Klocks, It’s more than music, it’s a show.

Rock/Country/Latin/ and more.  Playing songs from 70’s 80’s 90’s and from today.

For bookings contact them @ 210 573-5738