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The Damn Torpedoes; A Tribute to Tom Petty

The Damn Torpedoes;  A Tribute to Tom Petty

By Joseph Martinez

This Austin band does justice and honors the music of “Tom Petty”

Playing timeless classics “TY” kept it true to the original song style. The band played flawlessly.

I ask “TY”

Question: How long has the band been together?

Ty: 4 ½ years , the newest member Is James ,Our key board player. He’s been with us about 1 ½ years

Question: how often do you play in San Antonio .

TY: Not too often but, looking forward to perform at “Sam’s Burger Joint” more often.

Question: I saw a video of you and Brooke Alyson from Night Bird

(A Stevie Nicks Tribute band) .

TY” Ya, Brooke and myself are like brother and sister. And  we love playing music  together.

(Readers; … If you haven’t seen then play together… Do IT! You won’t be sorry)

Question: Do you play only “Tom Petty and the heart breakers tunes?

TY: Anything that’s  “Tom Petty. He has an extensive library of songs

TY: If you learn how to play guitar and have an chance to play in an “Tom Petty Tribute band, I say  do it ,“Don’t pass it up!  LOL………


The Band  Members:

Ty Hurless – Vocals, rhythm guitar;

Tim Veillon – Lead Guitar;

Geno Stroia II- Bass;

James Reynolds – Keyboards/Guitar;

James Rannefeld – Drums

And the evening guest singer Robynn Shayne


Some of the evening songs

You Got Lucky

Honey Bee

Stop Dragging My Heart around

The Damn Torpedoes


You Don’t Know How It Feels

The waiting

Don’t come around here no more


The Damn Torpedoes has the right mix, Attitude, skill, flow freely spirit.

If you want to have an enjoyable evening, do yourself a favor and go check them out.

Pictures and story

By Joseph Martinez

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