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The Blue Note Ringos

The Blue Note Ringos

Story and pictures by Joseph Martinez

“We don’t do costumes.” Frankly they don’t need it. Their talents flow freely on stage. It’s a joy to find a hidden gem here in San Antonio.  If you Love “The Beatles” you will truly enjoy the


The Ringos are a cover band that stays true to the original songs played by The Beatles.

I get the impression of reverence when I was listening to them. I can truly see that they Love the Beatles music.

What I very much appreciate was any song in the vast Beatles library, they could play.

And not just so,so but, just like I remember when I played them on vinyl long ago.

The music was flawless. Not a miss- note at all.

I especially like the obscure title they covered.

Bulldog, Dear Prudence, Lovely Rita, Strawberry fields, Magical mystery tour; just to name a few.

Band members

Key Board vocal: D. G. Lara

Guitar: – Joe Killough

Bass guitar Daryl Chadick

Lead guitar vocal: Val Cronk

Drums: Karl Yelderman

Check out the blue note ringos web site for more information on them

Get in touch with then at


Really… words can’t take the place of hearing them.

You can find them at the “COVE”; the first Thursday of the month.

Sit back and enjoy the music, grab a cold beer.

Now you are set for a great night

Thanks guy’s

Joseph Martinez

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