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San Antonio Luminaria

Story and photos by Joseph Martinez

It was fun for family and the young at heart at the San Antonio Luminaria2012.

Lights’ Light’s and MORE Lights. Your senses were burning with delight, as you walk on to the ground. Seeing kids just running around and Just having fun old time.

Later in the evening I found a venue playing some jazz music. Being that Jazz appreciation -month just past. I wanted to check it out.  There was an assortment of persons reciting poetry. Some were well seasoned…and some …not so much. But that’s OK. That is what life interesting.

There was a wide selection of music on different stages, Spread far apart so they would not interfere with each other. Something for every taste you could imagine.

If ya got a bit hungry? There was as I call it Food Truck-Alley and bunch of taco stands to satisfy that growling tummy

If you have never been to the Luminary here in San Antonio, You must check it out. The light shows seem endless and it is all free to get in.

It was ALL GOOD!  Everybody there was enjoyed all festivities.

Be sure to mark the calendar for the next San Antonio Luminaria!