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Tejano Super Show and Low Low Car Show

By Ally Gutierrez

River City Attractions was very excited to be covering this event that showcased numerous works of art on 4 wheels, fantastic sounds from Tejano and Hip-Hop artist.

Yours truly and two other staff members were immediately introduced to Fade Dog!!! He is a new and rising hip-hop artist from SA. His new album entitled “2 Gangsta 4 Radio” can be heard on 98.5 the Beat or check him out at Noche Caliente.

At the Hip Hop corner fans ran and crowded the area that Paul Wall, Slim Thug and Kyle Lee arrived at and security tried their best to control the crowd. When they performed on stage the place was jumping!!!! Great job guys! Captured up close and personal pic’s of the artist and me.

On the Tejano stage we anxiously awaited the performances of Ruben Ramos, Michael Salgado and Los Desperadoz. Fans waited patiently and when the artist got on stage the crowd went wild, sang to their favorite tunes and danced in whatever space was available.

This musical event lent itself to young and old alike but let’s not forget about the low low works of art. A local favorite at the show was the “Creepy Crawler”, the car is a 96 Honda and has 150 nitro’s, it took the owner 2 years to restore the car and at a price of $5,000.

An eye catching vibrant green Chevy Truck was loaded with Lamborghini doors and 36 inch rims. Check out the awesome interior in the picture.

“Damn Fool” is a ’87 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. The car was assembled in under a month and the designers painted it what I call a black red candy apple color. The hood of this car had a black and white checkerboard….different but awesome!

“Blue and White Beauty” without a doubt is another local favorite. This gorgeous ’02 Cadillac Sedan with a V8 engine has a pearl white paint job with blue glitter tint that makes the car sparkle. This car has 22 inch rims and has a picture of Jordan on it but Jordan isn’t holding a basketball he is holding a wire wisk.

“Rollerz Only” limited addition ’65 Chevy Impala is owned by Bobby who serves in the US Army. He bought this car 3 years ago as a project car from another army buddy for a few thousand dollars and after restoration this car has tripled in price.

It was a great day…..after many interviews and snapping many photo’s we called it a day. Until next time see you in pictures!!!!!! See photo’s below…..

A Major Kudo’s to RedLine Entertainment as another one of their great events brought San Antonians in droves. We’ll see ya’ll again at the next show!

Stay tuned for the next event here at “the hotest fasting growing website for San Antonio and and the southwest

Photo’s by Ally Gutierez, Crista Garcia and Michael Gutierrez