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Steve Jordan’s Memorial Service

By Roberto Álvarez

Steve’s body was cremated and a memorial service was held on Thursday, August 19.

According to Héctor Saldaña, Steve’s children: Steve II, Steve III, Richard, Anita and Mary Ann Jordan plus siblings Bonificio (Boni), Ramón and Guadalupe (Lupe) plus the Grammy Awards winner’s longtime companion Azeneth Domínguez left Steve’s house on South San Joaquin Street heading a parade of people that resembled a New Orleans funeral procession. They walked south to Castroville Road where they turned right and walked one block to Dahlgreen Avenue where they turned left and proceeded until they reached San Martínez de Porras Catholic Church.

The church was filled with family, an assorted of friends, fans and countless music industry peeps from vocalists, band leaders, musicians, songwriters, recording engineers, television and radio personalities, community leaders, college and university professors, poets, booking agents, promoters and a film maker.

Among them was Johnny Canales, Charlie Hettrick, who played bass with Rio Jordan during the 1980s and ‘90s; Ray “Quick” García, Steve’s former booking agent; Beto Salinas, Beto Ramón, Clay Shorkey of UTA, Juan Tejeda, Gus Garza of KPFT in Houston, Alberto “Alegre” Calvo of Norteño 720, Manny “El Picante” García if B-Net Radio, Rodolfo López of Conjunto Taller and poet Neftali De León.

Musicians and singers included Juanito Castillo, Mingo Saldivar, Sunny Sauceda, Arturo “Sauce” González, Jorge Alejandro, Larry Lange, Little Henry, Gilbert Escobedo, Randy Caballero plus engineers who record them Gibby Velásquez, Tony González and Moses Olivo. And that’s only the handful of VIPs that were spotted leaving the church as many left immediately after the service and did not stay for the post-reception in the church hall.

On Saturday, the squeezebox wizard’s three sons celebrated their famous father’s life with a tribute concert at Saluté. The North St. Marys Street venue was filled to capacity. Fans stood all the way into the rear room and a few even opted to seat in the outdoor patio.

Castillo wowed the crowd as he demonstrated why he was handpicked by the master accordionist to succeed him as Steve II of “That’s My Boy” fame and his two younger brothers sang many of Steve’s songs to the ultra receptive crowd.

Next, Steve II says, they plan to turn the show into a “Despedida (Farewell) Tour.” The only disappointment is that no one was allowed to take pictures and as Steve III said, “It worked for my father and that will remain to be our policy.”