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Small World Jazz Jam at Olmos Pharmacy

Story and photos by Joseph Martinez

On the corner of McCullough and Hildebrand you will find the beautiful Art-Deco building illuminated with bright green and red neon lights. Once Known as the “Olmos Pharmacy”,

The Night was cool as I walked in on a Monday night. I found out it was “Small World Jazz -Jam “. For a short moment I thought I was in Boston and saw “Norm” from the TV Show “Cheers” Actually It was more of a ambiance feeling I had walking through the doors.

Taken care of customers I met was with a friendly smile of Carlos Padilla. Running the food counter is Patty lou Reisz . Even if the counter is closed, she would try to whip something up to keep the customers happy. Handling talent and booking you find Kyle keener.

A wide collection of different jazz player were on hand, enjoying each other’s talents as the audience look on focusing on every song that was played. Songs made popular by Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and many others.

Between changes of the jazz players there was Poetry by Ms Catherine lee reading “What makes it jazz poet-try?” and Miss Valerie Thibodeaux-mony reading “The Stars or The Eyes Of Angels” set to the sounds of smooth jazz.

The following is a partial list of the musicians that was playing.

Polly Harrison*Electric guitar / Martin* Baritone Sax / Oliver Hill *Flugel Horn /

Rich Oppenheim*Alto Sax / Kyle Keener*Drums-Voice-MC / Chuck Glave* drums / Donald*Electric Bass/ Chuck Moses* Upright Bass / My apologies to any anybody I have missed.

So many different songs so little time. Sadly the night had to come to an end with one last tune. Cry Me A River sung by John in his dark red shirt.

If you want a Enjoyable soft jazz evening sipping on some wine or a cold beer, Join them some evening, you won’t be disappointed.

See their list of events at