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A rocking fun loving -band. On a typical hot sticky night at SAM’S BURGER JOINT, It’s Skyrocket the band.

I had a super time listening to some awesome classic rock songs executed to perfection.

With a common love of the music of the seventy’s. Sky rocket dose a it right. The place was packed and the music as they would say back in the day was RIGHT ON. .

There was up to seven members on a tightly pack stage and no miss steps. With over 300 songs to choose from there play list, the responsibility did not fall on just one or two members to do the singing. Depending on the tune being played, the person that best fit the song was center stage.

What I mostly like was I never could predict what song was next,

Hook on a feeling, Blondie’s “Heart of glass”, Tom Petty’s “Don’t do me like that”, Abba “Dancing queen” even one song that got me swaying, “Gangsters paradise”.

A sign that you have a good band is by looking at the audience. Feel the VIBE. Jumping up and down, and singing along. Yup that’s what was going on that evening.

After the gig, I talk to some of the band members. Then ask,

How many gigs a year. About 100 to 110 gig’s a year.

Do you play San Antonio often? , about 4 times a year

How did you find the audience tonight? , Terrific a, it was a great night.

If you were to pick your favorite song, what would it be? It’s always changing there is no one song.

Band members are

Benjamin Hotchkiss – vocals, percussion, guitar Darin Murphy – drums, vocals, guitar Johnny Goudie – keyboards, vocals, guitar Kyle Crusham – guitar, keyboards Cory Glaeser – bass guitar, vocals Paul English – guitar, vocals Trish Murphy – vocals, guitar, percussion Chris Gebhard – vocals, guitar, percussion

What type of band would call Sky Rocket? A cover band Or a party band? Some would say both. I say it’s a dam good band. I can’t wait for you guy’s to come on back.

Thanks Sky Rocket.

Story and pictures by:  Joseph Martinez

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