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Shaun Anthony CD Release Party & Birthday Bash at Posh

By Jonathan Liles

Excited fans and curious bystanders watch closely as Shaun Anthony shot his first RnB music video at Hotel Valencia in the heart of San Antonio (downtown).

The name of the song for the music video is called “Give It To Me Girl” by Shaun Anthony featuring Yung Fyngas and video shot by New Tribe Films. (look for song on itunes) The song is a big part of Shaun Anthonys RnB mixtape called “RnB Love”. This Album features local San Antonio artists such as Yung Fyngas, Tony Jones, Bugsy, and Queen (female rapper).

Album will be released October 8th 2010 @ Posh Ultra Lounge 7959 Broadway suite 500 San Antonio, TX.

River City Attractions noticed Shauns awesome interpersonal skills as he worked hard getting every scene right. When other’s got frustrated Shaun Anthony smiled and did what he had to do to get work done. The majority of the music video shaun wore a pare of shades which at one point ended up missing. Shaun Anthony kept his cool the entire time and got work done.

When Shaun Anthony finally got a break we talked for good amount of time about many subjects. Simply just having a goodtime the key points of the interview went something like this:

What is song about? “The song/concept is about me seeing/meeting a woman and off bat im blown away by her, and basically I’m pursuing her and telling her to come talk/be with me.”

What is the album about? “This mixtape is pretty much a blend of new hip hop and RnB in my own inventive style. It was made to re-vive RnB and since my love and passion for music derives from RnB that is how I came up with the title “RnB Love”

What/who inspired you to sing? “My mother was a big influence in my life for singing because I grew up listening to her and my aunts always sing in the church choir and that is how I began when I was a young boy. My other influences to sing were artists like Micheal Jackson, Boys 2 men, Brian Mcknight, Tank, Usher. I grew up listeing to early 90’s RnB and fell in love from the start.”

When did you know you wanted to write music for a living? “It was not until about 3 yrs ago when I decided that I wanted to really pursue my dream and make this thing become a reality. I would always play the piano and make up stuff to sing with what I was playing so I figured I would give it a shot and be really serious about it.”

What is your perspective or feel on your genre of music today? “I feel that true RnB has taken a bit of the back burner role. We went from classic love making joints and feel good music to just being hook singers on rappers songs. I do feel that RnB is coming back throught certain artist such as Tank, Jaime Foxx, Trey Songz, and definetely Ne-yo. So there are some artist def trying to bring it back to that level that we once were at. The Dwele, Anthony Hamilton’s, Musiq Soulchild, Maxwell, are all pushing to bring back that true feel good music that we all love.”

How long have you been in the business? “Professionally 2yrs”

What is your favorite work done by you? “So far it is this music video that we are currently wrapping up and my mixtape project in whole. My journey has come a far way from just doing a lot of artist development the 1st year and featuring on several artist tracks to finally coming into my own and finding my niche in this game.”

Have you worked with anyone famous? “I have no had the opportunity to work with an artist one on one, but I have met with several ones and received positive feedback from big names such as Kevin Black Lydia Harris, and Skatta Burrell.”

What is the next big project? “The next big project will be my debut album which I plan on having in stores by mid next year. I will definitely have feat by big name artist and producers in the game. For now I am continuing to work hard to get this record deal…and investing in myself to get there. I have a great team that surrounds me and pushes me and I believe that working hard and continuing to make records, mixtapes, videos, and albums will pay off. You will see me at the top!!!”

Contact info:
Phone number: 210-379-1602 Anthony