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San Antonio Luminaria 2013

San Antonio Luminaria 2013

Story and photos by Joseph Martinez

Rain ,Rain stay away and it did. For the folks who braved the cool night they were treated to an amazing evening loaded with the sight, sound and the aroma of food lingering in the air. Walking the park grounds I came to a opinion wishing there were  two of me so I can see and enjoy twice as much. There were 6 stages and over 600 artist.

The LANGTON DRIVE band caught my attention they were playing by the Tower of the America’s. With the look and the flavor of Joan Jett , this rock-punk like band had the crowd hopping.  With matching pink ties and black shirts these young rockers have a bright future in music. More info?

The next band I ran across was the HARES, a well season- 6 member band that play a wide range of music. Like rock and Latino with a jazzy feel. (Wish I had more time to listen to them) more info?!/TheHares

The Jazz POETS of San Antonio with the jazz poetry band backing them up helps to keep  them on track. Performing at U.N.A.M. building; at times there was only standing room. The Talent was not short in demand, spoken in English and in Spanish it was just right for the night. More info?

Walking and enjoying the sites I came across “Saint Apophenia” it was shining on the wall. What the heck is that?  Check it out on line

Proxy Theatre Group did some short and powerful acting using limited props. It felt like being in theatre in the round. Need to know more?    or

At the Valero stage,The Invincible Czars, an  Austin  rock band was on tap to please  everyone. The group  did their modernized arrangements of classical composers and some original songs as well. Beautiful, sometime haunting sounds. Playing to the back drop of an old black and white  movie. Do you want to see more about them? or


The Tower of the Americas was flooded in lights looking as if it was freshly painted. Tents illuminated from the inside out giving the illusion of a ghost like people looking out windows (A little creepy)

All around, you would see family, couples and groups of friends roaming the different venues and enjoying the sights.  At times I would accidently bump in to someone and what I mainly heard was “I’m sorry” or “Excuse me.” This  friendliness in general is just part of what makes San Antonio a large town with a small town feeling.

This review of “Luminaria 2013” shows only a small amount. Truly, it is something that one must experience in person

With so many sites to see, Do yourself a favor for “Luminaria 2014”. Grab a map and a list of events ,mark the MUST SEE artist and prepare yourself for a night of excitement.

See ya next year!

Joseph Martinez

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