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Sam’s Burger Joint “Song Writers Show Case”

Story and Photos by: Joseph Martinez

Every Tuesday evening, at about 8:00 pm. The NEW owners of “Sam’s Burger Joint”, Keith and Rebecca Rehowerton Presents: “Song Writers Show Case”

The concept is simple. Each month you invite a new host, and the host invites guests to share the stage with. Together they Share stories, music and sometimes a joke or two.

The host tonight is Rodney Hayden. His guest is Adam Carrol

With a blend of soft country-folk music, the show started off smoothly. Adam with his “Charlie Sheen” looking shirt began with –Rice Bird, songs of Cajun girls and many others lovely tunes. With is harmonica in tow. The music flow out like it was just second nature. His songs are easy to follow and songs that will touch your sole.

To his credit, this accomplish musician, has a long list of CD’s recorded and a publish book .

  • Looking out the Screen Door
  • South of the Train
  • Hard Time /by Adam Carrol and Mitchel O Connor.
  • Old Time Rock and Roll /by Adam Carrol and Stayton Bonner

And a book by the same name Old Time Rock and Roll.

Rodney, in a white cowboy hat, has many heart-felt songs as well that struck a chord with the audience. Songs of love lost and love found, Songs of life on the road and some funny-strange songs of beer. You might think BEER? Well … I thought the same and I was DEAD WRONG. Where there is Ying’ there must be Yang’. You will find a well balance night of entertainment.

As the evening winded down; Even the Blues brothers (stage-right) like the music.

I say Come early. Grab a Juicy Burger and a cold drink then enjoy the music afterwards.