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Rosalinda Risso’s Songs Are Understood Across the Universe

Valentine’s Day is knocking on our door and it is the perfect time to take a mini course in Love 101 and to give your sweetheart a night to remember, one that will be music in her ears. Therefore, consider the following.

Rosalinda Risso has the ability to sing and be understood in any language known to man, or woman, on planet Earth.

That’s because “music is the universal language of love” and therefore bridges any cultural divide. There’s also scientific evidence to back this up, but enough on research and studies.

For us Hispanics, no matter in what Latin language you say it, amor, amore or amour equals love and that is the theme for “El Amor Es Una Canción” (“Love Is A Song”), a much anticipated Horwath Productions and Transnational Talent Corp. Valentine’s Day presentation.

“This show features the performance of unforgettable love songs in the voices of actress-singer-songwriter Rosalina Risso, Luis Loyo, Liliana Daryol and Carolina Cruz plus the special guest appearance of Marcos Valdés,” Elias Álvarez said during an interview at the Hispanic Entertainment Archives.

Valdés, also Cristian Castro’s half-brother, is a television actor and singer considered to be the best showman in Latin America, is the recent winner of “La Diosa de Plata.” Álvarez is Risso’s agent and personal manager.

Risso, whose father, Salvador Ángel Risso, owned several palenques in Mexico, grew up seeing the top stars of the day at home and onstage. However, it was Allan “Eddie” Horwath who was able to lure Valdés, the star of the popular “Ladron de Corazones” telenovela, for this special Valentine’s Day presentation.

“De alli me salio la locura de ser artista. It was from growing up among Vicente Fernández, Daniela Rómo, Lupita D’Alessio, Lucha Villa, María de Lourdes, Ángelica María and many more of Mexico’s greatest singers, that my father gave their first breaks to that this craziness to be a singer was born,” Risso said with a laugh.

The perfectionist, who first performed at a palenque at sixteen, than took voice lessons from Francisco de Migueles, in Mexico City, and Christopher Robbins in the United States.

As for her stage name, the voluptuous vocalist took her paternal grandmother’s last name since Ángel is her father’s last name, not her middle name as many may think.

Her first recording for CBS Records, “El Principle,” got heavy rotation, became a hit and she had a promising career ahead of her until the 5-foot-1-inch tall curvaceous performer fell in love and got married, but enough about her personal past.

As an actress, she has starred opposite David Carradine, Andrés García, Sasha Montenegro, Rosenda Bernal, David Reynoso and his two sons, Sergio and Jorge Reynoso in a dozen movies. In-between, Risso worked at being a better thespian by taking acting lessons in Hollywood plus producing two films.

To hone her vocal skills even further, after she and her son, Aldo Agrasánchez, moved here from Mexico City, she studied voice under Cristina Ortega and joined the Hispanic Heritage Society. Thus the petite beauty is among the many Mexican singers and actors that now make San Antonio their home.

As the concert is being touted, “romantic music in the form of bolero is expressed through the sounds of a piano, a guitar and the percussion.”

If you take your sweetheart to a restaurant that features a trio, a mariachi, troubadours or other, you will be paying them $5 per song to serenade your lady. That’s $25 for five tunes when for the same price, you will enjoy two hours of beautifully sung love songs in a concert setting without the sounds of utensils, other people talking or waiters accidently hitting your elbow.

In addition, there will be various door prizes and you might win an additional gift for your loved one. Yes, love is in the air and you can put your sweetheart in the right mood at 8 p.m., Tuesday, February 14. That’s at the Josephine Theater at 339 Josephine Street. For reservations call Allan at (210) 413-1698 or Elias at (512) 644-5368.

For more information, to see the event poster, or see more pictures of Risso, go to, or