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Poetry Reading @ Barnes & Noble

Poetry Reading @Barns & Noble

Story and photos by joseph Martinez

    Every Tuesday at 7:00 Pm, Barns& Noble book store across from north star mall .  There is a collection of local talented group of poets reciting well thought out poetry.

Heading this group is the “Sun Poet Society” Rod C Stryker. With his Mac Book in tow, Rod spoke of a    person named “Ted Baines”.  Now if you repeat something long enough. Some people will tend to believe and in this case it dose apply.  Ted, of course is not of this world but in the wonderful mine of              Mr. Stryker

The assistant chair of the group is very fluent Chris Billings AKA “The Bare Foot Poet” (look for the pic’s and you see why).  What’s in the bag? The title of the poem he recited. Sadly I was taking pictures and I could not catch all of the poems he said. All I can say for now is what’s in the bag.

So many people, thoughts to be absorb.  Liken a child at an ice cream shop not knowing which one you like best.

There was Tia a perky girl with a poem of her mp3 player and the poem of Pete, a poem of  the whirl wind of love and romance.

Holest the GREAT had his poem of retirement and its perks’

Brian with “I am Charlie Brown” An inner look of why am I who I am. More of a comical look at Charles Shultz the creator of comic strip,  peanuts .

Matt a college student was next reciting a poem of realization of life and why baseball, basketball, and pingball. Why do they have such hi pay cap’s… This was tuff for me. A person rebelling?  or making lite of what is going on around one self. I guess you need to be the judge

Don ,and his political thoughts. let me see if I can wrap it up what he said.// Elephants must leave//Hanging chads dis-please//home loans//posters of Osama Ben Laden//wall street stocks//Jello//bush//….         Don’t get dismayed  from what I got from don  it is better straight from himself.  It was rather good …

Sherry  whit a poem “People Disappear “Ten Year High School Reunion  was the focal point of this poem. About how the people you once knew is now the same person.   Going to a reunion was more like rediscovery of people you once knew or met in ones younger year. Realizing that those people are gone, YES” they disappeared.

Ellipsis Parentheses Weapon Of Mass Instruction   A Poem Of War. Simply put its complex.  The war is with in ones head.

Valerie Mondy  Aka The Black Butter fly   spoke her original work “Texas is God’s Country” telling all of what make Texas  as good as it is                                                                                                                             “Black Butterfly” A rebirth , a telling of not wanting to have life just  pass  by but to live it . A poem of reflection.

Arron   Freight Train A Poem of a returning army vet trying to clear his mind of the horrors of war.

Privet Concern…a poem of a smelly passenger in a bus. Wondering why the person is that way. Down and out on their luck? Homeless? No job?  Rather than move over. Ask if I can help.

So many others like first timer Sara reading for the first time in front of a crowd and the funny Dr Moon And Leroy   rounded out the night


The evening was wonderful With a WIDE range of style and topics from political to satire to love lost. So many people, thoughts to be absorb.

Liken a child at an ice cream shop not knowing which one you like best.                                                           I say listened to them all and then you decide.


Need more information, Contact Rod  at  or htt:// 210-325-8122


Story and photos joseph Martinez

River City Attractions,

San Antonio TX.