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Patricia Vonne ,Rattle My Cage

Patricia Vonne  Rattle My Cage

At Sam’s Burger joint  I caught the sultry Patricia  Vonne, her voice was clear and crisp that did not disappoint but impressed.

To label her style of music would be an injustice, but I will give it try. It was a little bit of rock and a flavor of Flamenco .

Her first tune had the heavy over tones of a Robert Rodriguez film and why not, it’s her brother. It’s apparent that talent does not fall far from the tree.

Singing an original song off her new cd ,  “This Cat’s is in the dog House” threw me for a loop and has more of a rockabilly edge . This  song is about a guy doing bad things to his girlfriend and the ways he attempts to get back on her good graces.

In her Flamenco style songs the strong vocal control she carried had her voice jumping quickly from one octave to another. It was flawless.

Besides vocal talents, Patricia has acting roles on a new film entitled “Machete Kills” and plays” Zorro Girl”  in the upcoming movie SIN CITY II.

During the evening performance she brought out a set of castanets’.  She gives credit to her mother for teaching her how to play them with a smile that  brighten a gloomy night. After the show she invited the small and cozy audience  to come by for  a quick lesson on  how to play them.

She is supporting her new CD Release Rattle My Cage  with a tour starting here in San Antonio.

Leaving the USA, Patricia will be preforming in Germany, leading to a stint in Switzerland with brief stops in Italy.

Finally returning back to Texas to preform back at Sam’s Burger Joint on  October 18th.

So, give yourself a double treat grab a delicious Sam’s Burger and take in the high volume energy Patricia has to give.

It will be a memorable evening you will not forget.


Story and pictures by Joseph Martinez

River City Attractions

Special thank you to the kind folks at “Sam’s Burger Joint”

To see a complete list of her tour dates, check out her web page or face book page.