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Off the Beat: Bone Shakers

Off the beaten path you find “Bone Shakers” at 116 w Michel in San Antonio Overlooking the Charming San Antonio river is a Wonderful Place to listen to and feel the pulse of south Texas music scene for up and coming bands.

Fat Tuesday was no exception. The Beer was cold and Rock-n-roll was on the menu.

The Opening solo artist was Lisa Arnold. Playing power ballads with raw emotions punched through with her Fender guitar leading the way. I ask how long you have been playing? “All my life” Lisa said. I could tell this native San Antonio girl that, music was flowing in her veins. To find out where she will be playing Drop a line at

Adrian and the sickness an Austin band was next. I can start by saying WOW! Head snapping music started of fast and furious. Adrian on the guitar, Heather on the bass guitar, and “Alaman” on drums.

The music was TIGHT. Never skipping a beat. Playing some of their original songs and including some classics from Ozzy Osbourn Like Bark at the moon, Song from Led Zepplin and others from Garbage.

A dose of Heavy Rock Was what the doctor order for me and they did not disappoint .

A nice touch was when; Adrian did her version of “The flight of the bumble bee” on her Gibson sg guitar Can I say.. knock my socks off. (Corny but true) It was nice to see and hear talent like that.

Energy was not in short supply. Adrian blond dreads were moving to the rhythm. Jumping high and running in to the audience is cool.

Alaman relentless drumming kept it all in sync. A relatively new member to the band, it seems like he’s been playing with the band for years; A sign of a true Pro. The original band has been together approx 7 years.

Heather on bass is flawless. Running her finger quickly on the up and down the fret board it was like gliding on ice. Cool…. (Pun intended)

The interaction of the band mates was wonderful to watch. A goal to focus on playing the perfect song.

The band finished their set with “rice and beans” (It made me hungry).

I got a kick out of it. It has a good hook.

Seeing Adrian off stage, she enjoying music played by her peers.

Check her out on face book or google her .

Bug Girl ? Yup, That’s the name of the next band that plays on fat Tuesday.

On Guitar is Amber Spence, she been bug girl for approx 5 years or so. With a tattooed tiger on her arm she kept it electric. Her bass player was heather and the drummer goes by the name of “Clinno” the same drummer for Adrian and the sickness But with a twist. Or should I say more like a split personality. He seems much more alive by the way he was talking to the crowed. Carrying a Australian accent. He just drummed the night away. More hard rock was to come and more and more. By this time the night was a blur and I was slowing down Really what I can say about Amber she is a solid 100% rocker Girl!

Speaking with the door man I got some good information on a site the Just started .

Indie River Radio. A site for uploading new local music, Different types of music. Defiantly not main stream stuff. If you want to hear new music check it out.

For more info on band dates and booking contact Pill Luna at their web site