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Octahedron @ the Olmos Pharmacy


        The evening started with the young indie-alt band Octahedron

 Playing tunes with melodic under tones.

Newly formed, in the of the summer of 2013 .These guys are the music of tomorrow. With a little more seasoning under their belt and a few more gigs they will be a force to be reckoned with.

They play all original songs.  Octahedron” Walk their own path.

The members of the band do have one thing in common. They say..

“Making music to make life better”

This hold true because some of their music sales from go to

“Charity World Vision”

I ask Elena and Austin, Why do you play without shoes?

 Answer “To feel the music”


The ages of these musicians ranges from 15 to 19 years.

How can I describable how they sound? Well a bit of

Regina Spektor, GIVERS, BOY, and a little like Fiona Apple,


The songs I particular like are:

“Cold Reality” and “The End Game”

         The members of Octahedron

Elena Lopez – Vocals, Keys Board
Austin Jimison – Guitar, Key Board
Ruben Lopez – Bass
Daniel Puente – Drums

Manager: Rey Lopez

Like in all band’s There are ebbs and tides

Time will tell where they will end up.

America has talent? The voice?

Time will tell

 With Their father Rey Lopez as the band manager,

 Elena and Rubens have a very good start along with fellow band members Austin & Daniel

Not being signed to any recording labels, it gives the band a wide door to explore their horizons

 Good Luck and Thanks for the Music……

Story and photographs’ Joseph Martinez

River City Attractions

Also a Special “Thank you” to “Olmos Pharmacy”

For having a venue for Musicians to show case their talents.

Need more information on Octahedron

Try the links below.!/OctahedronBand