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Night bird and The Damn Torpedoes

Night bird and The Damn Torpedoes

Next month Nov 8th at “Sam’s Burger Joint” Be there. It’s going to be a double header. Two of my favorite Texas bands together.

A couple of months ago I have an opportunity to check out Night bird. And,, O-Boy What a great time I had listening to them.

 Night bird – A Tribute to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac

Speaking to my editor Eddie, What is the best way to let San Antonio know about Night Bird, He said Give them a shout out when they come back to San Antonio. What Better timing than when my other favorite Texas band comes on in to town

The Damn Torpedoes ( A Tribute to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

Brooke Alyson – Stevie Nicks Vocalist Brooke says, “Like Stevie, I try to take you away to a little fantasy world for a while, and simply keep the dream alive that she began. If I can do that, I’ve done my job.” Brook has the moves, she haves the voice, and importantly. She has the heart to be a performer. What I loved about Brook is how warm she is to her adoring fans. Her fellow band members are on par on talent as well.

Adam Walton – Guitar/Vocals Nice clear and clean  What more can I say . He is very good. Just one of the many reasons I am going to Sams Burger joint on the 8th

   Wolff DeLong – Bass/Vocals/Percussion. Wolff has a deep history playing music and worth going to their web site to read the details. His playing is spot on. See more at:  

Kelli Thompson – Keys/Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Percussion    Playing from a young age; Kelli Carries herself well on stage.  From marching bands  to metal band and receiving  a full music scholarship at Illinois Weslayan University. You can see that music is flowing in here veins. See more at:

Jason Phillips – Drums Jason Also started playing at a very young age. When I look at a tribute band I look on how well the duplicate the original music.  all I can say is job well done. A very fine drummer. See more at:

The Damn Torpedoes A super tribute band that’s what they are. Check the out cool story and pictures on the Damm Torpedoes’ here at

I can hardly wait to Brooke Alyson and Ty Hurless Sing at Sam’s burger Joint.

Don’t make a mistake; mark your calendar – Nov 8th.

Story and Pictures by Joseph Martinez

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