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National Poetry Month 2013

National Poetry Month 2013

Pictures and story by Joseph Martinez

       All this month, it’s National Poetry Month. It started with an invitation to go  listen to some talented local poets from our city.

At Trinity University’s radio station “KRTU 91.7” I was treated with “Jazz Poetry Lunch Feature” with Kory Cook.  With knowledgeable guest hosts: Jim Lavilla-Havelin and Catherine “Kat” Lee.  She spoke of how  poetry and jazz go hand in hand and the creative methods on how different poets assemble their own spoken words.

Catherine brought a special guest and friend Valerie Thobodeaux , a published and locally  recognized  poet better known as “The Black Butterfly”

Valerie recited a highly charged and sensual poem titled “Out of These Thighs” accompanied by an original jazz percussion recording  provided by  Orlando “T-Bow” Gonzalez. The Black Butterfly commented on the tempo influenced by the background musical tract.

Poems  can be understood at many different levels. The words used by Valerie were about Life and it’s Delight’s.

If you have an opportunity to listen to her poems I am sure you will be charmed like I was.

Check out “KRTU 91.7” at noon or look them up on the web at

For an online calendar of what’s happening  during National Poetry Month check out WWW.NPMSA.COM

You will find listings of the events going on around town.

Events at Our Lady Of The Lake University, local public libraries, Barns and Noble, “Main Plaza” on Solidad  St.,  and there are so much more. It’s best to click on the link above.

Also, want to bring your attention to open “mic” at some of the venues as well .

Give it a shot and enjoy.

Joseph Martinez

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Some of the partners in National Poetry Month are: