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Mr. Lou Ferrigno (AKA The Hulk)


Lou Ferrigno San Antonio Wizard World 2014


Lou Ferrigno San Antonio Wizard World 2014

With a gentle yet firm hand shake Mr. Lou Ferrigno (AKA The Hulk) greeted me at the San Antonio Wizard World comic con.

I had a wonderful chat with him that I want to share with our readers.

I Asked,I saw you doing a part on one of those Star Trek fanfare movies, Do you think you’ll be doing anything more for them in the future.

Lou: well, I did do a second episode for Star Trek continues. I may do it again in the future. I did the episode because I loved the character of Gorhand.

 Is that’s why you did it, you’re really into it?

Lou: I wanted to show another side of myself as an actor.

 Yeah that’s great! I really loved It; I liked the effects, Heck I liked how you did it all

 Lou,..Just a little back background. You probably been asked this a million times but, how long did it take you to put the Hulk outfit on?

Lou: about three or four hours

 I assume you hated it.

Lou: oh yeah 16 hours a day sometimes

 ah that’s just terrible.

 I saw you doing a comedy, Misery Brothers do you think you’ll be doing anything else like that or do you tend to shy away from that.

Lou: no I’d like to do more comedies. But, I do have a movie coming out called Scorpion King 4 I’d love to do comedy. I wouldn’t mind doing more because I’d like to do another TV series or another sitcom again

Oh yeah on the Scorpion King 4 isn’t in post-production, when do you think it’s coming out

Lou Scorpion King 4, it should be out next month.

 Lou, I like to touch on your family, As far as your kids are they into the acting bug.

Lou: Yeah my son is Lou Ferrigno Jr. he’s got a reoccurring role on Teen Wolf

 And what about the bodybuilding aspect did they get the bug from you?

Lou: yes’ all they are all personal trainers

  Oh cool… I know that your diet is much attuned to your bodybuilding condition but, have you tried any of the local Mexican cuisine here in San Antonio?

Lou: I have Mexican food maybe once a month. I like Mexican food.

Oh yeah it’s great; any messages you want me to give to your fans

Lou: yes be good to yourself and be nice

 That’s a Wonderful sentiment Mr. Ferrigno. And  thank you  for letting me hangout with you.

With that; Lou took a classic pose for the camera.


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