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Mónica Yvette At Point of Death

Some people have died, come back to life and talked about their death.

In the case of Mónica Yvette, she entered that long tunnel when she almost lapsed into a coma.

“That’s why I minister that God is able and that there’s nothing impossible,” Yvette said during a telephone interview.

The exact date is not known but it was once prophesized that she would conceive twins and that the pregnancy would be a testimony to her ministry.

“When I was told this, I envisioned they (the twins) would become ministers and be known for spreading the Word, but that was not to be the case.”

The young mother of two children, Zion and Zada, did in fact conceive twins, but three months into her pregnancy, doctors discovered that there was no heart beat.

“To terminate my pregnancy, they gave me a medicine that was so strong that I almost died.

“On January 15, 2010, I was showering and I didn’t feel good and I called out for my husband (Rubén Cortez) to bring me some water. But by the time he brought the water, I had lost so much blood, I had lost consciousness. I was almost going into a coma and about to reach the point of death. He says I was pale white when he called 911,” the 28-year-old Christian singer continued.

“In those moments I remember I could see the light and I was speaking to God. ‘This can’t happen to me,” I told him. ‘I talk about your wonders. I speak about your healing powers.’

“Have you ever been in the valley? In that moment, I needed it all. Next I remember that the paramedics were all over me.”

Once in the hospital, she was unable to get up for three days and the doctors would not give her blood because they thought she was a Jehovah Witness and she said, “Give me the blood.”

This experience revealed the true meaning of the prophecy. That is was losing the twins, not giving birth to them, that gave Yvette her testimony.

“They were going to be a test and that would by my ministry. There’s a big always at the end. What the Lord sees in us, we don’t understand,” she said. “Now my husband is in the ministry, he was also called.

The songbird born Mónica Yvette Cantú was reared in her grandparent’s home, where she was brought up as a Christian.

There she was pretend to sing, preach and sometimes imitate María Zapopan. She was in the fourth grade when she made her singing debut at Ministerios de Poder with her uncle, Richard Pérez and recorded her first Christian ranchera tune, which received airplay on KEDA and KSLR. The next year, she joined the St. Margaret Mary’s Choir.

Then she went on to win “Most Talented Citywide Singer” and “Best Christian Recording” at the Pura Vida Music Awards. By age 18, she and her uncle were touring all over Texas and Phoenix, as far north as New York City and as far south as Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Her most recent compact disc, this time in Spanish, was produced by Danny Zapata and is titled “¿Quien Eres Tu?” and contains songs written by Zapata, Ernest Gutiérrez and Johnny Ramírez. The latter writes for Jaci Velásquez.

“Other tunes in this CD are ‘Prestame Tus Alas,’ ‘Mi Corazón Me Duele,” Llevame Al Cielo,’ ‘El Pretorio,’ ‘Ángel Del Hogar’ and ‘Llena Mi Vida’ – all music for the spirit,” she said.

During our first interview, which appeared in the November 19, 2000 issue of Latino Star Magazine, it was evident Yvette had the personality, poise, confidence, inner and outer beauty and most important, a talent to sing.

“All is God-given and since I started giving my testimony, God has been opening doors for me,” she said in closing.

This Sunday, River City Attractions readers will have the opportunity to see and hear this contemporary nationally-known Christian artist when she performs at 6 p.m. at West Campus Baptist Church, located at 5203 Old Pearsall Road 78242.

Javier Galván, will perform at the same church at 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.