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Memorial HS student first in family to attend college, will go to Yale

Memorial HS student first in family to attend college, will go to Yale
Alejandra Salazar, 18, was accepted into 2 Ivy League schools
By Tiffany Huertas – Video Journalist


SAN ANTONIO – A Memorial High School student will be the first in her family to not only attend college, but also go to an Ivy League school.

Alejandra Salazar, 18, has been accepted into two Ivy league schools and has decided to go to Yale. And while poverty and different obstacles in life affect many students, Salazar said she hopes her individual story will help another student like her in the future.
 “When you are going out and pursuing your educational goals, never place limits on your self,” Salazar said. “Chances are you not truly aware of how much ability you have to achieve what you want to do.”

Salazar said during the application process she knew right away that her life story was a great fit for her college essay topic.

“I wrote about my mother who currently works really hard and found her own opportunities by working at the flea market,” Salazar said.

Salazar’s mother and father have always pushed her and her brother to succeed. So when her father lost his second job last year it was her mother that stepped up.

“She took the initiative to find that job and create the opportunity for herself,” Salazar said.

The high school senior stressed she simply took advantage of her given opportunities. Salazar has been involved in both the speech and debate team along with the STEM program as well during her high school career.

from : KSAT 12