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Mark Chesnutt at Cowboys Dancehall

By Nathan Vargas

On Friday October 22nd 2010, Mark Chesnutt arrived in San Antonio, at Cowboys Dancehall. At 10:30 Meet and Greet Passes were passed out to some lucky fans. This meant they were able to meet Chesnutt backstage along with his band. The lucky fans were able to talk to Chesnutt and the band, take multiple pictures with him, and autographs were signed. One of the fans was talking to his wife as he approached Chesnutt. His name was Alex Guel, and his wife Josie Delgado didn’t believe that he was talking to Chesnutt. So Alex explains the situation to Chesnutt and Chesnutt immediately grabs the phone and starts his chat with the long time fan, Josie. Chesnutt is a down to earth guy, who loves to make music about what he believes in. His 14th album called “The Outlaw,” was released on June 22nd, 2010, and his 1st album, “Doing My Country Thing,” was released in 1988. Over the passed 2 decades, Chesnutt still says, “I only record when I feel I have something to say.” He put on a great show, that had the fans 2 stepping all over the dance floor, or toasting the band, as they sang the lyrics of the song. River City Attractions would like to thank Cowboys Dancehall, and Mark Chesnutt for allowing us to go work the show, as well as, enjoy the show!