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Lifetime Achievement Award

Henry Guerra Lifetime Achievement Award


Saturday, July 23 was like living a dream, I’m still pinching myself. Prior to being introduced, they showed an eight-minute video that was expertly shot and narrated by Spectrum TV reporter José Arredondo. In it, Little Joe, Sunny (Ozuna), René René and Eduardo Díaz from the National Museum of the America Latino validated my award with their edification. The video was a compilation of my photojournalistic career which spans from 1968 to the present. After I viewed it, all I could say is, “Holy vaca! I just saw my whole life flash before my eyes. Am I going to die?”
What an honor. I can easily write hundreds of words per day and it is said that a picture says a thousand words. My problem is for those words to come out of my mouth. Therefore, needless to say I lisped and stuttered in giving my acceptance speech. Nonetheless, I was floored when it ended with a standing ovation. It was so surreal. So unreal that I spent the next five days reflecting on my life and this honor bestowed on me by the Alamo City’s television and print media – most of them legends in their own right.
I must admit that I don’t have a BA or Master’s Degree, but thanks to the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists, the Henry Guerra Lifetime Achievement Award was like receiving a PhD. All I can say is muito obrigado, tante grazie, salamat, merci beacoup, mil gracias and simply stated, thank you! 

We send our Congrats to Ramon .