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Latin Breed Resurfaces with a New Recording and Lots of Surprises

Are you ready for the re-emergence of the Latin Breed?

It was 1969 when Rudy Guerra quit playing saxophone with Sunny and the Sunliners to form Latin Breed featuring Jimmy Edward on lead vocals. A year later, the band broke up, Guerra went back to the Sunliners, and then once more, he reformed the Breed in 1972.

In 1974, Guerra and Edward were saved and gave their lives to the Lord. However, the band forged ahead under new leadership. Since then, LB has gone through a slew of front men on lead vocals — Edward, Gilbert Alba, Gary Guajardo, Adalberto Gallegos, Rubén Cubillos, Ralph Cortez, did a few gigs with the underground name of Fantasia and played musical chairs with countless musicians, but they kept on ticking. Next came Jay Pérez and when he quit to join David Lee Garza y Los Musicales, he was replaced by Roger Velásquez, who sang lead vocals from late 1989 to 1993.

The bottom line is that they kept on keeping on and in the process became a constant in Tejano music.

Former LB lead singer from 1980-82 and now in charge of marketing and public relations, Cubillos said, “The Latin Breed LIVES because of your (fans) loyal support through these first 40 years. An Army of excellent musicians have shared and graced the unmistakable sound born on the Southside of San Antonio. They all remain part of our roots and standards founded four generations back … Look for us this summer (we are ready to travel to your corner of the world) with ‘The Real Deal Tour’ as we celebrate a true milestone of 40 years on the road.”

Thanks to Cubillos, who says LB is a part of his DNA, a couple of weeks ago this writer had the unique privilege of being invited to witness the recording of the Breed’s newest single release at Blue Cat Studios with Joe Treviño at the helm of the mixing board.

Singer/songwriter/LB owner (since 2005) Gallegos was in great form as he laid down the vocals for “Solamente un Vez” with Charlie “CR” Rodríguez, co-owner and sax player; Lee “Sparky” Thomason, trumpet; Julian Carrillo, keyboards; Steve Velásquez, guitar; Pete Nune Contreras, bass; and Steve Solís, drums.

Alternate, rotating or substitute musicians are Donald Garza and Karlos Elizondo on trumpet; Danny Pérez and Fred Soto on saxophone; Gilbert Garza, trombone; Joe Romano, guitar; plus Stanley Revillas and John López on bass.

LB is coming out of a brief hiatus and this week they return with a vengeance as they launch a new single, a new video on, The Real Deal Tour and a new web site,

“This is a rejuvenation of 40 years of power hits and we’re using today’s technology to turn on all the lights with the flick of one switch,” Cubillos added.

“Our whole thing is to reconnect with our core audience,” the Big Chihuahua continued.

In regard to their next full CD release, Cubillos says the group is shopping for a label and hope it’s out in time to qualify for a Grammy Award.

For more information, call Cubillos at (210) 722-1392.