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Joe López Turns 60 in Prison

Joe López turns 60 on Saturday, August 28th. Bandmate Jimmy González also celebrates his sixth decade birthday on the same date.

After almost four years of imprisonment and since he lost his appeal before the 13th Court of Criminal Appeals, the former Mazz lead vocalist is still looking at a 2038 release.

Last year, he was finally allowed to talk and our interview took place at a facility south of Rosharon, Texas. This two-part interview can be read in its entirety at Part 1 is titled “Joe Lopez Breaks His Silence” and Part 2 is “Solitude, Forgiveness and Reflection.”

The sad part is that the Latin music megastar was innocent of the alleged rape of a minor. However, all the evidence – Harris County Juvenile Probation Department Medical Department records, her images and other damaging information — against the alleged victim was inadmissible because she was than a minor.

Those still fighting to prove López’s innocence with a Habeas Corpus are his immediate family, Lorenzo and Judy López plus Christina Hernández, who created the Justice 4 Joe organization.

However legal fees have eaten up all their assets and drained their finances. Therefore, they are asking that donations be deposited at IBC Bank, routing number 11911580 and account number 6002666222.

Fans wanting to wish López a happy birthday can do so by sending their cards to José Manuel López, 1399866, Ramsey Unit 1, 1100 FM 544, Rosharon, TX 77583 and underneath, write W-1-6.

It is prohibited to send money by mail, so fans desiring to do so should go to and type in his ID: 1399866.

A controversal book on the Grammy Awarding vocalist with all the facts has already been written and the only thing holding back its release is a publisher. It will not free López, but it will exonerate him.