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Jazz Poet Society

Photos and story by Joseph Martinez

“The Jazz Poet Society”. A collection of poetry lovers, Eduardo Garza Heads the group to share thoughts and ideas every Tuesday at the GIG on 2803 n St Marys street.

The pace was quick and non-stop. As soon as one person was finish there was another starting.

Back ground music was provided by the Jazz Poetry Band, featuring T-Bow.

Eionifer-Skyhawk, wearing a plaid kilt, came to the microphone with a free form style of poetry. Feeding off the audience’s spoke of buses, transfers and how life doesn’t always goes the right way.

With the ukulele in hand Lori Simpson recited “Even Blonds Gets the Blues” Short–n-Sweet A Lovely poem

Miss Valerie Thibodeaux-Mony Introduced as “La Mariposa Negra” (the Black Butterfly) Came out, With a certain flair, reciting an original poem, Echo of the Blues, a heartfelt poem to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

How many are here, How many have left, How many are now gone, as a survivor as well. She gave thanks to the friendly San Antonia’s. Who’s helped her with her new life. This was the theme of her poem.

Joyous Windrider, life is a avocado. Was the poem she picked, A Quaint comparison and some unsettling truths about everyday life.

The night was filled with wide ranges of different styles poetry. Funny, sad, happy, and some time just plain ..weird. But hey, that’s what makes it wonderful. It would be boring if all you had was vanilla ice cream all the time ; Don’t ya think?.

In closing if you want to a throwback to the late sixties styles. If you want to feel like you spent the night with Jim Morrison from the Doors. Look up the Jazz Poet Society.