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It was Rapping at Noche Caliente

By Jonathan Liles

Surprise!!! Its Devin The Dude!

River City Attractions (RCA), received an invite to Noche Caliente at the last minute on October 29, 2010. We were expecting to see a concert with San Antonio Hip Hop artist King Kyle Lee as the main event. However Kyle Lee along with Swishahouse Legend DJ Michael “5000” Watts were actually there to host and promote for Devin The Dude. Devin the Dude is an underground rap artist well known for his unique rapping style and 15 year relationship with Houston based Rap-A-Lot Records (ended in 2008). The experience of the show itself was indeed unique. When Devin The Dude performed all the fans surrounded him in a big circle as he performed music from his latest album Suite 420. River City Attractions would like to give special thanks to Kyle Lee, Michael “5000” Watts, Devin The Dude, Core, Big Q and Noche Caliente for putting on a great show.

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