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In the Works

On a cool San Antonio night, on a whim I showed up at “The Cove” That Thursday evening I stumble on a relatively new band. “In the Works”

The five members put on a nice show. Singing with a big smile Austin Yount held the audience attention all night long. It was evident that Passion was in abundance with these guys and talent was flowing from them.

There style of music? Alternative rock, soft rock , original songs and some smooth jazz. Jazz music was something I was not expecting to hear. Songs like “Mississippi River” followed by an Eagle’s tune “Desperado” even a song from “Cold Play” made the night enjoyable

Mixing different styles of songs played to the audience well. It seems the band focused on what the audience wanted to hear.

Out of the city of Austin TX , the group are composed of mostly music majors attending The University Texas-Austin.

In faded blue jeans, lead singer and front man “Austin ” took time out and spoke to me between sets. Austin told me the average age of the group is 19 -20. They have been playing together about year and the last member joining with in the last six months.

He played the acoustic guitar and did a solo on the keyboard. Some of the picture taken that evening shows some glassy eye girls just looking on and listening to him croon.

Sort of like an updated Frank Sinatra. (That’s a little bit of a stretch.. But ya get the feeling.)


Austin Yount: Acoustic Guitar, keyboard, vocals

Haden Thomas: Lead Guitar

Auggie Gmitter: Bass Guitar

Josh Delgado: Drums

Cameron Pesserra: Keyboards

Contact information: find them at “In the works” at / and Reverbnation .com

Booking information: 210-722-1345

Well after the gig was over and Some has time passed by, Austin gave me a call and asks. “What can I do to make it in the music business” I did not want to give answer off the cuff. I gave it some thought and came to this conclusion…..

Cutting your teeth on small venues is a great way to develop a style.

Keep an open mind on what is music.

Most importantly is….Don’t lose The Passion for the Music.

It’s interesting to see a group starting off. No jaded thoughts, eager to play.

“In The Works” I need to come back later and follow up on them.

I’ll keep you posted! Joseph…….