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“IMMIGRATION” ,an open letter to the Archbishop Diocese of San Antonio


Your Excellency, very public pronouncements in support of keeping together undocumented families have been made by secular institutions, civic and public agencies, ordinary clubs and organizations. Even our Chief of Police has stated that our police will distance itself from ICE, unless necessary.  Our schools have advised their parents that their children will be safe.  An admirable list of entities and persons speaking out in support of these families; It continues to grow! 

And, we await the active moral leadership and public voice of our Archbishop.

Your silence is sad!  Many other American Bishops are leading and speaking out in support of “these voiceless families from bigotry and anti-immigrant fervor today.  So we ask, where is our religious leader?  Where is your hopeful guidance when it is desperately needed?  This critical issue hurts your flock deeply. 

Our Gospels gives us direction! If secular institutions can stand up for justice, why have we not heard our Archbishop’s voice?  What will it take for you to act as a “the good shepherd”?  This issue demands your leadership.  I pray you will guide and lead us to act Christ-like, and declare to us to love and serve the persecuted.

Your pastors and lay ministers are waiting on your leadership and public support to remind us all of Christ’s call to “love our neighbor”.  This is an extraordinary Christian teachable moment— a time for the Gospel to come alive! Archbishop Siller, I yearn for my Church to lead all of us on this humanitarian issue.  Your annual campaign for money “to do the Church’s work” appears void when you neglect to advocate for, defend and help immigrant families in crisis. United our churches and families of faith should provide sanctuary for these families.

Bishop SiIler, the Gospel of Jesus that teaches and calls us to action must overcome this silence. Your honorable and forceful moral voice is urged.

I do pray, Paul F. Ruiz: Phd    S A, TX      Member St Paul’s Church

Paul F. Ruiz, PhD, Emeritus

The Education Trust, Inc.;  and

Co-founder, Alamo Area Democracy Project