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GiG On The Strip

Story and photos by Joseph Martinez

Small ,Tiny… I call it Intimate. With its comfortable sofas and love seats, you will feel right at home. Here in San Antonio at 2803 N Saint Mary. The Venue is 100% original songs sung by the artist.

Normally there are 3 acts per evening. Today there was two. (It gave me more time to enjoy them a little longer.) Local and regional talent is what you will find.

The owner, Ruben Garcia has been running thus place for the past three years. Keeping the tempo and the shows running smooothy. To find more information on GIG on the strip . Try their web site or on face book .

I was lucky to arrive on “Acoustic Tuesday”

First up is “Sugar Bear” Brandon Adams. Kind of a burly looking guy yet, sings sole full song. At time, it seems to be just a whisper. He calls it “Back to the old stuff” sort like the songs played by long pasted away singer Jim Croce. Real life, good times, bad times, and friends are just some topics covered.

All I want to say about Sugar Bear is… Very Enjoyable.

Next was Jimmy Dash, A very accomplish guitarist took command and became its master quickly. From Spanish classical intros that lead in to soft rock ballades. Jimmy’s musical talent is exceptional.

So young for the level of skill that he process.

This listening venue is GREAT for pop, folk, and soft rock music. It’s not so much for punk or techno, or that newer stuff called Dubstep.