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Explosive Device & San Antonio LIGHT”S

Explosive Device & San Antonio LIGHT”S

Story & Photographs by Joseph Martinez

Explosive Device

2 rock bands in one night. How cool is that. At the local night club “Tonic Bar” off the corner Babcock rd. and Eckert rd.!/pages/Tonic-Bar/120120971338498?fref=ts

           It started with Explosive Device. A hard rocking; well tune band.

I ask why the name Explosive Device?  The answer given…Mankind

 is destructive to one self and some of the songs we play reflect that feeling.

The Singer Barbra Johnson is the newest member to the band.  My first though was, “Man”..  Is this going to be lame or what?  Nope, she is GOOD. You don’t find many girl hard rock singers. I enjoyed the band Big Times.

Russ Dunn: on guitar did a killer version of the star bangle banner. Not a Jimmy Hendrix style but his own style.

RJ Huston: the other guitarist, was bending strings all night long and feeing the music

Darryl Waker: on Bass kept  the rhythm tight.

Scotty Glende: on Drums. I heard him well all night long. The sticks were rolling.  Just like his band mate Darryl. His rhythm was tight and the timing was good.

The band was covering a wide range of songs from Tom Petty to pretty heavy songs like “kryptonite”, “Man in a Box “and a bunch more. Look at the pictures. There you will find a song list that the band played.

With Barbra tight leather pants and swaying hips, she took control. Belting out song after songs.

Not a clone. Not a copy. It’s Barbra Johnson. The audience yelled out Hey! I like the dominatrix look. She said ya! Bring me a whip! She just smiled.

I ask Mark, why do you play. Simple “For the fun of it” he smiled too.

At the end of the set Barbra thank the audience and said we are just the filler, the band you came to see is next.

Barbra, don’t cut Explosive Device short. The band is killer!

I am sure I will see you guys soon. Thank’s

Find them on face book!/explosive.device?fref=ts

San Antonio LIGHT”S

A Journey Tribute Band

The audiences thicken as the time for SA Lights went on stage.

Gabe Munoz:  The lead singer and newest member to the band. He has the voice inflections of Steve Perry and did it well. Gabe started to sing all the classic songs from journey. He had attention of every one there particularly the lady’s.

I get a kick out of people reactions to music. This night was no exception. Deep passionate kisses, Woman turning to giggling teeny-bopper swooning to those classic songs.  Guy’s shaking their heads in rhythm to the music.

Ron Bryant: with a cowboy hat on, His guitar playing was right on with every song he played. Just like the originals. He did not miss a beat. Ron was a twitching his head left and right.

Kimmy Barmger: the bass player. Skillful and talented and clean sounds just like Journey played. Tall and slender with long jet black hair.  He just looks like a bass player. Like the bass player from The Eagles.

Criss Villanueeva: on key board He’s a perfect. If you to close your eyes. You would believe it’s the original.

Eric Tobias: On drums deep rich sounds. Keeping faithfully to songs Eric is  Very-very good at his craft.

               Music in all its forms touches the sole and it awakens life. So… Go on  and listen to some live music. You will get hook like I have .

 Find them on face book!/salights.journeytribute?fref=ts

Joseph Martinez

River City Attractions San Antonio, Tx