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El Jarro De Arturo

Story And Photos by Joseph Martinez

Off the corner of 281N and Bitters Rd. In what you call a normal type of shopping center there is a gem of a secret. A House band call “Second Nature” playing at a wonderful Mexican restaurant ; El Jarro De Arturo. With many-many years experience .Each of the musicians and singers are pros. definitely, Not a band that just formed yesterday out of a garage.

I can spend a very long time on each person in the group but for now …just sweet and to the point. The type of music they play? It’s a wide range from Old school jazz, funk and Classic 70 stuff. It brought some of us back to the good old high school days.

Later that evening a special guest singer “Olivia” sang for us her rendition of a famous Edda James Song. “At Last” It’s a very- nice way to close out the night.

The band members are as follows.

Lead Vocals: Loretta Blue

With many years of singing experience behind her ranging from Japan to Alaska just to name a few. The sole full voice belted out wonderful tune like “Brick House, Best of my love and my favorite… Lady Marmalade”. I had an opportunity to speak with her between sets. Loretta told me is had a special place for Gospel.

Bass Guitar: Mark Tilford

On the left side of the band, holding the rhythm. You find a No non-sense bass player. He never skips a beat. Just rock-solid!

Keyboards: Dave Eskridge

The Leader of the band, Dave is an accomplished songwriter and musician. Dave has written many arrangements for famous groups like “Tower of Power” and many others.

To find out more about Dave’s click on the link below… band information,

Booking# 210-378-8789

Drums: Daniel Lee

Seeing him Play the drums. It seems like a natural extension of his hands. Daniel has been with the band for approx 3 years Daniel dose his own thing as well. Asking what kind of music he likes he said “All Music” to narrow it down. He did tell me R&B, Gospel, Christian music.

Congas/Percussion/Vocal: Orland Gonzales (aka T-Bow)

“T” was playing the Congas this evening. Beating the skins of his congas all I saw was Joy in his heart.

A Teacher, Drum Maker, Artist, Musician, Producer……………. He Is a Man of many hats. T-Bow is a soft spoken interesting person indeed. A more in depth story about “T” will be coming soon.