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Drowning Mona

Drowning Mona

Story and pictures by Joseph Martinez

It’s rock and roll and more rock roll. That’s makes Driving Mona.

With a wide range of songs from Eddie Money, Van-Halen, and many other rock star hits and playing  all of south Texas and I saw them at the  “The Fitzgerald”  here in San Antonio.

Lisa Chapman took center stage rocking it with flair. Strong loud and clear is the way it was done all night long. Drowning Mona is a force to be reckoned with.  It’s well worth to spend an evening with Drowning Mona.

Looking at the guys in the band they got the talent, the looks and with the strength Lisa singing. It looks like a winning combination.

Band Members:

Vocals: is Lisa Chapman

Drums: DX

Bass: Danny Dena

 Guitar: Chuck Fulcher


I spoke to “DX”, long distant. He was doing the vacation thing with his family in Florida.

I felt bad interrupting his personal time but, “Dx” was Warm and polite.

Q: Dx how many years has the band been together and what do you like about being a band

A: Together, about 8 Years I enjoy writing songs together calibrating with friends creating magic.

Q: The band Are you guys more a spur of the moment or plan it out kind of group?

A: Little bit of each. The songs can change quickly and we even done up to FIVE SHOW in one day.

Q: The Band’s name?  Drowning Mona Where did that come from?

A: It’s a bit of mystery to me. Lisa came up with the name. It has something to do with the Mona Lisa. Really, it’s best to ask Lisa. She is the one who can answer that question best.

Q: What about plans for the future?

A: For now our cd of original songs is should be coming out next month. It’s straight up Rock And Roll.

Thanks’ DX for sharing a little bit of your insight and time.

Seeing a band enjoy being together, it made it the entire better for all that evening.

This is one of those of band.

Rock on dudes


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