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Diana Ross at the Majestic

Diana Ross  at the Majestic

Last Monday at the San Antonio Majestic Theater Ms. Diana Ross gave a wonderful performance to a packed house. Fans including myself were on their feet most of the night cheering Ms. Ross .

For many, it was a walk down memory lane evoking feelings long forgotten.

Having a seating capacity of 2,311 , it still felt very intimate during the hour and a half show.

With a very large  library of songs. It is most difficult to pick the favorite sung that evening.

A Partial list of songs for the evening were :

Baby Love,  Stop in the Name of Love,  Endless love, I Will Survive, and many, many more.

The dynasty she commands is evident when she walks on the stage.  The audience roared   to life when the lights shone on her.

During the show she spoke to the audience and told them that she likes the house lights turn on at times because she wants to see who comes to the show. Ms. Ross said she loves to see all the smiles out there.

With 4 wardrobe changes, she opens with a blue outfit, followed by a sparkly red number, a pretty yellow then to a sultry black. Everyone have their favorite. My color was  RED.

Ask a 100 people what you think of Ms. Ross and you would get 100 different answers. I kept mine to a hand full that night.

I asked a member of the audience “What did you think about Ms. Ross and the evening’s event.”

Great, Wonderful, I will never forget this evening, super night. And I got a Aw-Ya.!

I stand with amazement to see her.  Having to work decade after decade, from the early 60’s  till today; she is still making great music. I truly believe that music keeps you young. She looks GREAT!

As a living legend, her recordings with Motown will live on forever as well as her grace and style.

Thank you so much for the gift of music you have given us.

Story and pictures by: Joseph Martinez : River City Attractions