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Craving Amy …A San Antonio Rock Band

Craving Amy …A San Antonio Rock Band

The three piece band “CRAVING AMY” was rocking on a warm summer night at speedway sports bar on Grissom Rd, a local watering hole.

Pumping out the classics, from The Doors to Eric Clapton and Even some Eddie Van-Halen tunes.

When I Ask the Lee Black Moon, The guitar /lead singer, are you a tribute band?

We play what the audience likes.”

And your Preference in music?

“I’m more of a Blues Guy”.

The Band has been together about seven and a half year and looks like they are doing well. It is plain to see. This is a no nonsense band.

I saw well over a dozen FX peddles. My first thoughts were “O-Boy” It’s a head banger band with limited skills. Happily I was Very wrong.

Lee Black moon was skillfully using them for each particular song needs.

Experience Bass player, PJ Remmler rocked all evening long having a good old time…

Drummer, Carl Brewer said to me jokingly “Hey I’m still a rocker; just look at the hair”. His long silver and black locks, reminded me of the bass player from the band The Eagles.  It looks good on him. And it matches his skills on the skins.

I was asked, would you go back and listen to the again?

Answer… a BIG YES.

If you want good time rock and roll. Go check them out.

Story and pictures by Joseph Martinez

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Find them on!/pages/Craving-Amy/113704622050901


Or contact Carl Brewer 210-707-2991


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