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Celebrity Fathers

We see local, regional, national and internationally famous singers on stage, on magazine covers and newspaper articles, but the average person never stops to think that they too are parents, fathers and grandfathers. Therefore River City Attractions is proud to pay tribute to celebrity fathers we all know with this exclusive photo layout. Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Salvador with his internationally famous father Carlos Santana.
  2. Abraham Quintanilla Jr. with his son A.B., daughter Suzette and grandson Savani.
  3. Arturo Castillo with sons Sergio and A.J. Castillo
  4. David, Leonardo Jr., Flaco Jiménez and daughter Becky.
  5. Albert Zamora with his talented children, A.J. and Lyric
  6. Tejano crooner Carlos Guzmán with his son Jorge.
  7. Emilio III, Emilio Navaira Jr. and Diego Navaira, two of Emilio’s sons.
  8. Estella with father Rudy Guerra, founder of Latin Breed and brother Isai.
  9. County Commissioner Paul Elizondo is not only a father, but grandfather to Sofia, Marisa and Adelina.
  10. Stefani Montiel with her father Dwight Sullivan and mother Betty
  11. Ram Herrera with daughters Lisa, Marlena and Katherine
  12. John, Freddie Martínez Sr., Marc and Freddie Jr. make up the Freddie Records dynasty.
  13. José Luis Ayala of Los Bravos del Norte with son José Luis Jr.
  14. Steven Ray and Ramiro Carlos proudly look at their father Ramiro “Ram” Herrera
  15. Recently departed Tony “Ham” Guerrero passed the torch to his son, Alfredo Antonio.
  16. Gary Lee Hobbs Jr. and his father Gary Hobbs, also known as El Borrado.”
  17. Pedro Rivera was famous long before his son, Lupillo Rivera became a household name.
  18. Eric Lee and his father, Lee Villarreal of Desperadoz.
  19. Armando “Mando” Hinojosa of Los Fabulosos 4 with handsome son Ariel.
  20. David Lee Jr., now 29 and the father of David Lee II with his father David Lee Garza.
  21. Cleto Escobedo III, band leader for the Jimmy Kimmel Live nightly television talk show and his father his father Cleto Jr., Gibby Escobedo’s brother and formerly with Los Blues also plays saxophone in his son’s television band.
    Nick Villarreal and his beautiful, sexy daughter Nanci.
  22. Javier Galvan and family
  23. Last but not least, We’ve had the Lords Prayer and now we have the Lords Singer in Javier Galvan with his beautiful wife Norma, daugther Bella, and son little Javi. I hope this is not the time when he called me for directions to Helotes! cause it looks like he made it to the Rocky Mountains!!!!!!!!