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San Antonio

International Chef Waldo is Extraordinaire

Photos by Ramón Hernández

12-13-ChefWaldo-ReducedChef Waldo Frank Óscar Castro Zambrano is so prominent and so much as has been written about him and his famous dishes in countless superlative adjectives that it is hard to describe him and his creations without fear of being accused of plagiarism.

The story of this Wonderful, Amazing, Latino, Distinguished Outgoing human being, who is also Courteous, HHelpful, Exceptional and Flamboyant, is as astounding as its subject.

The world renowned chef’s love for cooking began when he was just a young boy and cooking became a passion that made him the best among his peers. Perhaps his secret is several lifetimes of recipes that his mother passed down to him as a sort of culinary inheritance.

Homeward Bound “a true story”

Homeward Bound     “a true story”

A little over two months ago my neighbor Elaine who likes to feed the homeless animal’s, mainly cats mentioned to us that someone was not only eating all of the cat food that she normally puts out in her front yard but also taking away the bowls!  We all came to the conclusion that it was probably a loose dog that has been wandering around the area recently. My wife Yvonne then noticed that dog at our back fence once it was feeding time for our dogs, so she decided to start going around our house to see if she could start feeding him also.  As she called out for him  he would come running around to the front of the house with hesitation.  He would wait for the food tray to be placed on the ground and he cautiously would start eating.  She tried to get closer to him and he would retreat, he had  a collar with tags and we hoped it had the  owners phone number. Tried to get close enough to read them but to no avail, this routine continued for weeks. Two weeks ago we formally met our neighbor Angela from the end of our cul-de-sac and the subject of this lost dog came up and as it turns out , Angela had been feeding him breakfast every morning before she headed off to work.  Our homes back up to an area of beautiful woods and trees and that is where “Rudy” alias, would go back to after his meals and running around this was  his home and shelter.  We would worry about him on those super cold nights but thanks to caring neighbors he did not lack food or water.   On Tuesday, Christmas Eve as Yvonne was handing out her homemade Christmas Cheesecakes to our neighbors we came across Angela’s neighbor Ernest and his family. He too was familiar with Rudy and said whenever he was griiling  steaks he would share with Rudy!  Wow did we feel cheap. Moments later Rudy came out to play, Yvonne would lay on the ground to make Rudy feel more comfortable and as I watched Yvonne get a hold of him and was able to release his collar and YES there was a phone number. As Rudy ran back to the woods Yvonne made the phone call and left a message. A man called back after about an hour and said he would call back when he was done with his deliveries as he was working for UPS.    Later around 6:15 that evening “Jeremy”s wife called and asked for our address as they were both on the way to pick up Rudy!   Yea, when they arrived Rudy was no where to be found so  “our adopted son” who thinks he’s a UPS driver with all the miles he racks up, went into the woods to attempt to flush out Rudy and lo and behold Rudy came out. I think all the animals RUN for their life when they hear or see him. When the owners called out to Huckleberry aka as Rudy he was still in a resistance mode.” Come to mama Huckleberry”  and the dog would sit and listen, get up nervously , sit and stare.  After 20 minutes Yvonne ran to the front yard and the dog pursued her it took another 10 minutes to get close to him so we bribed him with ham and Carrie’s fresh chili…… What happened next would have been a winner for America’s funniest video’s as Yvonne was on the ground wrestling Huckleberry as she tried to capture Rudy,  along with our son and the dogs owner.  SUCCESS came when Josue wrapped his arms around him and carried Huckleberry to the car.   Once in, the dog gave a big lick to his owner on the cheek…… Huckleberry was rescued again, he knew he was HOME.…



UltraSIG (3)


                                  By: Tess DeFlori

 Opening for bands such as, The Sex Pistols, Alvin Lee, Pat Travers, Blackfoot, Legs Diamond and other major rock groups, ULTRA is a home grown hard hitting classic rock band from San Antonio, Texas. Mixing southern blues, psychedelic rock and pro-metal, the band ULTRA rocked fans and friends on Friday night October 25, at one of San Antonio’s best known venues who hold on to the Armadillo World Headquarters tradition of promoting and featuring the best local talent.

Alamo City Comic Con 2013

Story by David A. De La Rosa

Pictures by Joseph Martinez

Alamo City Comic Con 2013

The inaugural Alamo City Comic Con which ran from October 25th – 27th at the Henry B. Gonzales convention center was a big success. This event provided great family entertainment, and gave convention goers an opportunity to dress up as there favorite superhero/villain or favorite TV/film character. This was also a great place for the fan boy to go get that hard to find comic book or collectible. Artwork was being sold there at very affordable prices, from comic book legends to local artists all were represented there. Most people who attended wanted to meet a special guest celebrity to take a photo with them or get an autograph. When I attended this event I wanted to see and do all of these things.

Comic Con: Special Guest Danny Trejo

Story by David A. De La Rosa

Photos by: Joseph Martinez

Alamo City Comic Con: Special Guest Danny Trejo

The inaugural Alamo City Comic Con has come and went; it was set up as a premier comic book convention. The four things people look forward to in a typical convention are comic book collectibles, artwork, dressing up in costume, and meeting celebrities.  The Alamo City Comic Con did not disappoint in any of those aforementioned items.

33rd Annual Tejano Music Awards Winners

Saturday 10-19-2013 @ 11:45 P.M.

Congratulations to the WINNERS of the 33rd Annual Tejano Music Awards

Song of Year/Artist/Group

Mi Mundo Se Acabo – Siggno


Male Vocalist of the Year

Ricky Valenz


Female Vocalist of the Year

Elida Reyna


Entertainer of the Year

Jesse Turner


Album of the Year – Tejano

Contigo Descubri – Elida Reyna y Avante


Album of the Year – Conjunto

Back on Track – Los Hermanos Farias


Album of the Year – Norteño


Zombies-HeydayBy Tess DeFlori

Beware!  Zombies seem to be everywhere. You see them in the movies, commercials, video games, Halloween costumes and even reportedly at the Alamo!  Do I have your attention now?  Well then, let me explain. I recently returned from another one of my great Rock-n-Roll adventures with the British invasion of the 1960’s, THE ZOMBIES, one of the most underrated rock bands of that era.

Noé Benitez’s “Subele” Chosen for High School Marching Bands

NoeBenitezPhoto by Ramón Hernández

Songwriter-musician Noé A. Benitez recently teamed with a group of Tejano living legends to take Tejano music to high school students through “Subele,” a tune that he wrote and was commissioned to arrange for marching bands.

The tune, which was originally recorded by Hugo Guerrero and also featured Rubén Ramos, Vick Nash and Wild Bill Perkins, became a hit and is now being performed by over 25 marching bands across Texas.

It’s Grand Parent’s Day @ Pre-K for 4 SA

It’s Grand Parent’s Day @ Pre-K for 4 SA north side education center.

To see the excitement on your grandchild eyes: it’s priceless.

The simple act of making a hand print or reading a story makes their day. Looking around I saw nothing but smiles, not only on the kids, but the grand parents as well.

From my experience from my grandchild, learning to tell the difference of shapes to counting numbers. This was an opportunity to see firsthand, the wonderful way San Antonio newest program at work.  It’s giving our youngest a great head start on the road of education.

Patricia Vonne ,Rattle My Cage

Patricia Vonne  Rattle My Cage

At Sam’s Burger joint  I caught the sultry Patricia  Vonne, her voice was clear and crisp that did not disappoint but impressed.

To label her style of music would be an injustice, but I will give it try. It was a little bit of rock and a flavor of Flamenco .

Her first tune had the heavy over tones of a Robert Rodriguez film and why not, it’s her brother. It’s apparent that talent does not fall far from the tree.