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Whatever Happened to Óscar Martínez?

Óscar “El Gallo Copeton” Martínez is a singer, musician, songwriter, painter and author whose love for music dates back to 1940 when wanted to play a musical instrument so bad that he would pretend to play drums by beating a galvanized bucket, “una tina,” as he says, with a stick.

As a songwriter, Martínez is best known for composing “El Tejano Enamorado,” a tune that has been recorded by Isidro López, Little Joe, Sunny Ozuna, Jimmy Edward, Joe Bravo, Rudy Tee González of the Reno Bops, Gilbert Rodríguez and the Blue Notes, Carlos Guzmán, Snowball, Ram Herrera, Ramón Ayala, Jay Pérez plus at least two dozen other bands and vocalists.

Luis Manuel is Determined to Succeed

Luis Manuel experienced the sadness of losing his father less than seven months ago, add to that, losing his best friend, mentor and role model all rolled into one.

“Image being eleven years old and spending Thanksgiving and Christmas without your dad,” internet radio station owner Margo Morones said. “This is what little Luis Manuel Longoria is going through right now. However, he vowed to continue his mariachi singing in honor of his dad and we (Morones and Jorge Flores) are going to underwrite his first compact disc.”

Whatever happened to Ralph Galván?

Ralph Galván Jr. is among the few remaining band leaders of the many orchestras that thrived in Corpus Christi during the 1940s, ‘50s, through the 60s and into the ‘70s.

With the exception of Óscar Martínez from the Sparkling City by the Sea, Óscar Ramos, Juan Colorado, Balde Gonzalez, Johnny Herrera, Isidro López, Beto Vásquez; and Ralph’s brothers Sammy and Eddie Galván all passed on.

The Galván family’s musical dynasty began in the early 1930s when Rafael Galván Sr. hired music teacher Bernabe Alvarado, to pick up his children at George Evans Elementary School, walk them home and give them three hours of music lessons which started with the music diction method of solfeo in which one sings the music notes.

Celebrity Fathers

We see local, regional, national and internationally famous singers on stage, on magazine covers and newspaper articles, but the average person never stops to think that they too are parents, fathers and grandfathers. Therefore River City Attractions is proud to pay tribute to celebrity fathers we all know with this exclusive photo layout. Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Salvador with his internationally famous father Carlos Santana.
  2. Abraham Quintanilla Jr. with his son A.B., daughter Suzette and grandson Savani.
  3. Arturo Castillo with sons Sergio and A.J. Castillo
  4. David, Leonardo Jr., Flaco Jiménez and daughter Becky.

Hollywood Comes to the Alamo City

The Greater San Antonio Film Council is on a mission and that’s to bring Hollywood’s big bucks to the Alamo City.

In 1927, a silent movie about World War I was filmed in San Antonio and it went on to become the first film to win the Academy Award for “Best Picture.” Furthermore, “Wings,” also won a second Academy Award for “Engineering Effects.”

Since then, numerous other movies have been produced in the River City, but not as many as Austin. The state’s Capitol City boosts a total of four film organizations and this accounts why Austin gets so many of Tinseltown’s productions.

A.B. Quintanilla’s All Starz Hypnotize with “Hipnótika”

A.B. Quintanilla’s All Starz is no understatement because an all-star ensemble participated in “La Vida De Un Genio,” his latest musical production.

His own All Starz are vocalists Jason “DJ Kane” Cano and Lee “JR” Gómez, Chris Pérez, guitar; Gilbert “Gipper El Animal” Nieto, accordion; Robert “Bobbo” Gómez, keyboards; Nick Banda, keyboards; Liz, congas; and Joey Jiménez, drums.

However the list of Class-A international all-stars which recorded on different tunes in his most recent compact disc are José Feliciano, Jon Secada, Gilbert Santa Rosa, Marciano Cantero of Enanitos Verdes, Shaila Dúrcal, Julio Ramos, artistically known as Voltio, Jorge Celedón, Alex Lora of El Tri, Albita, Luis Enrique, Reyli Barba plus other surprise artists.

Open Letter to StreetTalk Magazine re: Joe Lopez

In response to your blurb on whether Joe López is innocent or guilty? I can no longer remain quiet and allow people to continue taking pot shots at the former lead singer of Mazz.

There is no doubt Joe López is innocent and the ‘Justice for Joe López’ organization has the proof.

Joe did not have to go to prison because he was initially offered four months in jail followed by probation. The result is that he fired his lawyers for even fathoming the thought of such a deal. Instead, López adamantly professed his innocence.

Tejano Super Show and Low Low Car Show

By Ally Gutierrez

River City Attractions was very excited to be covering this event that showcased numerous works of art on 4 wheels, fantastic sounds from Tejano and Hip-Hop artist.

Yours truly and two other staff members were immediately introduced to Fade Dog!!! He is a new and rising hip-hop artist from SA. His new album entitled “2 Gangsta 4 Radio” can be heard on 98.5 the Beat or check him out at Noche Caliente.

Steve Jordan’s Memorial Service

By Roberto Álvarez

Steve’s body was cremated and a memorial service was held on Thursday, August 19.

According to Héctor Saldaña, Steve’s children: Steve II, Steve III, Richard, Anita and Mary Ann Jordan plus siblings Bonificio (Boni), Ramón and Guadalupe (Lupe) plus the Grammy Awards winner’s longtime companion Azeneth Domínguez left Steve’s house on South San Joaquin Street heading a parade of people that resembled a New Orleans funeral procession. They walked south to Castroville Road where they turned right and walked one block to Dahlgreen Avenue where they turned left and proceeded until they reached San Martínez de Porras Catholic Church.

Joe López Turns 60 in Prison

Joe López turns 60 on Saturday, August 28th. Bandmate Jimmy González also celebrates his sixth decade birthday on the same date.

After almost four years of imprisonment and since he lost his appeal before the 13th Court of Criminal Appeals, the former Mazz lead vocalist is still looking at a 2038 release.

Last year, he was finally allowed to talk and our interview took place at a facility south of Rosharon, Texas. This two-part interview can be read in its entirety at Part 1 is titled “Joe Lopez Breaks His Silence” and Part 2 is “Solitude, Forgiveness and Reflection.”