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ON STAGE with……. Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández

ON STAGE with……Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández

 by: Yvonne Hernández Sandoval

 Photo’s by: Ramon Hernández

            Entertaining San Antonio audiences for the twelfth time Ballet Folkólrico de México de Amalia Hernández graced us with another unforgettable performance this past weekend.  Thanks to ARTS  San Antonio for bringing back the dynamic choreography,  vibrant costumes and a cast of 65-70 dancers whose artistic and physical excellence wow the audience from the Matachines opening scene to the gaiety of the Jalisco finale.  Accompanying the dancers on stage are 15 musicians and a Mariachi band that are part of the world famous and highly lauded Ballet Folklórico group.

Whatever Happened to Sunny (Youngs)?

Published October 7, 2012 | By Ramón Hernández

Remember the late 1980s and early ‘90s when Tejano music was so popular that Black and White female vocalists such as such as Ruth, Jean Le Grand and Sunny started to record this genre.

Le Grand is now on national television and we have unable to locate Ruth. However, Sunny is back in San Antonio as Laura Youngs and last month the Houston-born Air Force brat came to the Hispanic Entertainment Archives to give us her story.

Poetry Reading @ Barnes & Noble

Poetry Reading @Barns & Noble

Story and photos by joseph Martinez

    Every Tuesday at 7:00 Pm, Barns& Noble book store across from north star mall .  There is a collection of local talented group of poets reciting well thought out poetry.

Heading this group is the “Sun Poet Society” Rod C Stryker. With his Mac Book in tow, Rod spoke of a    person named “Ted Baines”.  Now if you repeat something long enough. Some people will tend to believe and in this case it dose apply.  Ted, of course is not of this world but in the wonderful mine of              Mr. Stryker

“Las Tesoros de San Antonio” A WestSide Story”

 Las Tesoros de San Antonio”

 “A Westside Story”

Jorge Sandoval is a local actor, filmaker, photographer and technican. He returns to filmaking with the exiting documentary “Las Tesoros de San Antonio”/A WestSide Story.”Experience the sights and sounds.

Saturday, 6th Oct, 2-3:00PM  

Central Library Auditorium

800  Soledad                                                                                                                                                                                               




Sunday, 7th Oct ,2-3:30 PM

Bazan Branch Library

2200 W.Commerce


Enjoy a Romantic Evening of Music with El Bolero II

Story and photos by Ramón Hernández

El Bolero II is a musical program that promises to seduce its listeners with an array of romantic ballads.

And as Patricia Pérez-Lemppaf, the show’s artistic director says, “However, remember that falling in love and being in love can sometimes end in heartache. So be prepared for this music to capture your soul and the lyrics transcend you and make you reminisce about a past or present love.

“So whether you’re in love, have fallen out of love or you’re in the process of conquering a sweetheart, the bolero will enlighten your heart and soul with visions of passionate love.”

This is what makes me MAD as

Here is what was published by

96 Year-Old Latino Former Arizona Governor Detained By Border Patrol In 100 Degree Heat

By Ian Millhiser  on Jul 6, 2012 at 12:00 pm

This man is Raúl Héctor Castro. He is 96 years old, a former Arizona governor, and a former United States Ambassador to El Salvador, Bolivia and Argentina. He was born in Mexico, and is a United States citizen.

Güero Polkas reflects back on 48 years

Story and photos by Ramón Hernández

He was born Ricardo “Richard or Rick” Peña Dávila, but is best known as Güero Polkas and the Wolfman Jack of Tejano radio.

His radio experience dates back to 1954 when he was nine years old and used to cue the vinyl records for his father, Manuel Sr., who would follow Willie Nelson’s 3-5 p.m. shift at KBOP in Pleasanton, Texas.

“I would pull my ear close to the record so I could hear and cue the records without earphones. Many years later Willie remembered me as that little kid at KBOP radio since my dad relieved him, then Willie would come back to do the 7 p.m. to sunset shift,” Rick said.

Tejano Music Lost Two More Greats in June

Story and photos by Ramón Hernández

Both musicians that passed on were not household names because both fell under the umbrella of the bandleaders.

For years, countless of bands covered “Juana La Cubana,” “La Gallina,” “El Colesterol” plus countless other hits, but each time we heard them on the radio or announced at clubs, it was always the latest hit by Fito Olivares y La Pura Sabrosura. However, the voice that interpreted all these hits was Fito’s brother and drummer, Javier Olivares.

Fans Stepped Up to the Plate for Joe López

At 11 a.m. people were already lined up to purchase a plate of beef with rice and beans at Big Al’s Garden Bar in New Braunfels as mobile DJ Ray Rosales played a non-stop array of Joe Lopez and Mazz hits.

Incidentally, Big Al’s is owned by José Reyes, who didn’t hesitate to volunteer the use of his venue. And while Ramón Chapa helped to coordinate the event, this writer was not aware that the true organizer of this event was in effect Raúl Lagunas, therefore mil disculpas, and you now stand vindicated.

Tejano Cruise #3

This gallery contains 2 photos.


When you see the full page of color photos that accompany this article, those that didn’t go on the most recent cruise organized by Jacob and Marta Dominguez, will see what they missed out on.

Thus this article could have easily been titled “Mira lo que te perdiste” because as some Tejano musicians say, “So many women and so little time.” In this case there were so many beaches (not bitches), shops, flea market bargains and so much diversity in food, there was not enough time to see, buy, eat or do it all. However, there will be a Tejano Cruise #4.