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Music review

Mother Ship, Tribute to led Zeppelin

Mother Ship,

A Tribute to led Zeppelin

True to the style of “Led Zeppelin” Mother Ship rocked all night. The set begins with that all too famous song “Kashmir” It was wall to wall waves of adoring fans attended at “Sam’s Burger Joint. Belting out lyrics was front and center is “Sean Finch” handling the lead vocals. As the melodic deep tones of the cello rumbled, Sean in his black leather pants and suede boots brought the Audience to frenzy. Besides the excellent tunes that played all night long. One observation I noted that the age range of was 20 something to 50 years young. Does this mean that classic rock will never die? Judging by what I see, most probably not. It will endure. One generation leads  to the next.



If one hopes to analyze current trends and anticipate where we’re going, one must understand where we’ve been. Below, you’ll find the Hispanic voter breakdown for presidential elections from 1980 to present.
◾1980 Jimmy Carter, 56% Ronald Reagan, 35% +21
◾1984 Walter Mondale, 61% Ronald Reagan, 37% +24
◾1988 Michael Dukakis, 69% George H.W. Bush, 30% +39
◾1992 Bill Clinton, 61% George H.W. Bush, 25% +36
◾1996 Bill Clinton, 72% Bob Dole, 21% +51
◾2000 Al Gore, 62% George W. Bush, 35% +27
◾2004 John Kerry, 58% George W. Bush, 40% +18
◾2008 Barack Obama, 67% John McCain, 31% +36
◾2012 Barack Obama, 71% Mitt Romney, 27% +44

Jean-Pierre Reveals His Alamo City Roots as He Prepares for a Comeback

EXCLUSIVE: Long Hidden Secret of Garibaldi Finally Revealed

By Ramón Hernández

Jean-Pierre Reveals His Alamo City Roots as He Prepares for a Comeback

Not only will you, the reader, learn what happened to Jean Pierre Korngold, but also one of the biggest secrets in Mexican showbiz in this exclusive interview during which he reveals a never-known fact about the “All-Mexican” musical group that performed to sold-out arenas, stadiums and festivals throughout the Latin Hemisphere and Spain. And it’s something that will make San Antonio proud.2015-JeanPierre-Sitting (3)

It’s Smooth Sailing for Jonny Martinez

It’s Smooth Sailing for Jonny Martinez

By Ramón Hernández

He was born John Martín Martínez and he could have easily chose Jon Martin as his stage name. Instead, this four-time Grammy Award nominee remained true to his roots settling on Jonny Martínez.JonnyMtz042

     He followed in the footsteps of his father, Tejano Music Hall of Fame inductee, Anselmo “Chemiro” Martínez as a singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, and producer. Then he tacked on to that radio personality, recording engineer, ESL teacher, Chief of Operations (COO) for the yearly Tejano Legends cruises; and facilities manager at Texas State University since 2014.



by: Ramon Hernadez

Anselmo “Chemiro” Martínez was a star before music was termed conjunto, orquesta música tejana, la onda Chicana or Tejano music.

Martínez was born on April 21, 1927 in Donley, Texas and raised in Hondo. As for his nickname, Chemo, as he was called at home, said it came about as the result of a first grade school Valentine Day’s party.2015-Anselmo-Jonny-CD-2

“You see, I got his card from my cousin Juanita ‘Janie’ Alcorta; and when the teacher read the name on the envelope, she pronounced it ‘Chemiro’ and it stuck,” Martínez said during an interview at his Westside San Antonio home.

Roxanne is Divine

Roxanne-CD2Roxanne is Divine

By Ramón Hernández

Roxanne hails from Devine. She is a fox and is delightfully divine.

The adjective is also fitting because this young songbird has truthfully and honestly been the recipient of lifesaving divine intervention, but more on that later.

For starters, Henry Balderrama of La Patria is her maternal cousin and his son, Rick, is her second cousin. Therefore, she was born into a musical family.

Cruising with Sunny


Cruising with Sunny

Story and photo by:  Ramón Hernández

Remember the mid-1970s when la palomia started cruising in downtown San Antonio in their lowriders and other vehicles with their speakers blaring out Sunny and the Sunglows/Sunliners hits being played from their “8 Track” & cassette decks. “Back then there wasn’t  ITunes,  mp3’s,  Cds”. With a cassette deck we created something that should have been called “MY TUNE”s !

The same was happening from El Paso to Odessa to Corpus Christi, only the name of main drag changed, but the music was the same – “Talk to Me,” “Put Me in Jail,” “Runaway,” “Smile Now, Cry Later,” and other great lowriding rolas.




A rocking fun loving -band. On a typical hot sticky night at SAM’S BURGER JOINT, It’s Skyrocket the band.

I had a super time listening to some awesome classic rock songs executed to perfection.

With a common love of the music of the seventy’s. Sky rocket dose a it right. The place was packed and the music as they would say back in the day was RIGHT ON. .

Alamo City Comic Con, Sept 11

alamo-city-comic-con-logo copy

Alamo City Comic Con, Sept 11-13

Diana Ross at the Majestic

Diana Ross  at the Majestic

Last Monday at the San Antonio Majestic Theater Ms. Diana Ross gave a wonderful performance to a packed house. Fans including myself were on their feet most of the night cheering Ms. Ross .

For many, it was a walk down memory lane evoking feelings long forgotten.

Having a seating capacity of 2,311 , it still felt very intimate during the hour and a half show.

With a very large  library of songs. It is most difficult to pick the favorite sung that evening.

A Partial list of songs for the evening were :