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Music review

Latin Breed Resurfaces with a New Recording and Lots of Surprises

Are you ready for the re-emergence of the Latin Breed?

It was 1969 when Rudy Guerra quit playing saxophone with Sunny and the Sunliners to form Latin Breed featuring Jimmy Edward on lead vocals. A year later, the band broke up, Guerra went back to the Sunliners, and then once more, he reformed the Breed in 1972.

Raulito Navaira Finds Unexpected Success

Raulito never rode his brother’s coattails, but for years he faithfully stood in the shadow of Emilio and now the tables have reversed.

Today, Raulito is not only standing on his own as a solo artist, but thanks to faith, prayer and perseverance, he is standing out as a singer, songwriter, product spokesperson and soon-to-be television personality.

However, the Mis Visiones recording artist hasn’t been able to do one interview without questions about his brother and the accident. So rather than rehash what has been previously beat to the ground, Raulito shared his views on why it may have actually been a Blessing and a miracle.

Rosalinda Risso: San Antonio’s Newest Celebrity Reversed the Tables in China

Rosalinda Risso recently gave the Chinese people a taste of their own medicine.

While most products everyone in North American purchases read “Made in China” underneath the item, in China there is one product that states “Hecho En México” (Made in Mexico).

“That product is hundreds of DVDs produced by Proda Films,” Risso said during an interview at the Hispanic Entertainment Archives.

“In fact, our company was the first Latino Company to introduce Mexican movies in Hong Kong, where they took the most interest in those that featured masked wrestlers.

The Gateway to San Antonio’s Westside

East Los Angeles has an arch as one enters the “Brown Kingdom” via Whittier Boulevard. Here the barrio is spelled “varrio” and arch is a symbol of pride for the unincorporated area of East LA, which welcomes its residents as well as visitors.

Now the Gateway to San Antonio’s Westside via West Commerce Street too has its own impressive entrance. And it’s all due thanks to the late Manuel “Manny” Diosdado Castillo Jr., David Blancas, several businesses, corporations, organization and countless other participants.

Linda Escobar Sheds her Shirley Temple Image

For years, Linda Escobar had been unable to shake off “The Little Princess” image.

“That’s because I began my musical career singing “Frijolitos Pintos,” at the tender age of seven,” the statuesque songbird said during an interview that began at the Hispanic Entertainment Archives and ended at Gilbert’s Restaurant where she was accompanied by Lydia Herrera, who with her husband Henry, owned Benny’s BarBQ in Corpus Christi.

Little Joe: “I’m diabetic. Are you?”

When Little Joe believes in an organization, he does not hesitate to become a crusader, advocator and spokesperson for their cause.

This time he stepped up to the plate and is going to bat for the Social and Health Research Center’s diabetes prevention programs.

In the process, he is also not afraid to disclose what other entertainers might withhold from their fans due to fear of losing their status.

“I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes,” the Tejano music mega star revealed via a telephone interview from his home in Temple, Texas.