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Music review

Mark Chesnutt at Cowboys Dancehall

By Nathan Vargas

On Friday October 22nd 2010, Mark Chesnutt arrived in San Antonio, at Cowboys Dancehall. At 10:30 Meet and Greet Passes were passed out to some lucky fans. This meant they were able to meet Chesnutt backstage along with his band. The lucky fans were able to talk to Chesnutt and the band, take multiple pictures with him, and autographs were signed. One of the fans was talking to his wife as he approached Chesnutt. His name was Alex Guel, and his wife Josie Delgado didn’t believe that he was talking to Chesnutt. So Alex explains the situation to Chesnutt and Chesnutt immediately grabs the phone and starts his chat with the long time fan, Josie. Chesnutt is a down to earth guy, who loves to make music about what he believes in. His 14th album called “The Outlaw,” was released on June 22nd, 2010, and his 1st album, “Doing My Country Thing,” was released in 1988. Over the passed 2 decades, Chesnutt still says, “I only record when I feel I have something to say.” He put on a great show, that had the fans 2 stepping all over the dance floor, or toasting the band, as they sang the lyrics of the song. River City Attractions would like to thank Cowboys Dancehall, and Mark Chesnutt for allowing us to go work the show, as well as, enjoy the show!

Flo-Rida was Flowing at AutoFest

By Jonathan Liles & Nathan Vargs

The Auto Fest at Cowboys Dance Hall Oct 19th, 2010 was packed with people of all ages. Over all River City Attractions enjoyed the car show but the peak of the event was when Flo Rida hit the stage and opened with “In the Ayer”. Flo Rida definitely worked the San Antonio crowd with a few of his Hit Songs such as, “Club Cant Handle Me” and “Elevator”. Flo Rida also performed “Turn around (5,4,3,2,1)” off the new album ONLY 1 FLO (PT.1) in stores & online November 30th! Click HERE to listen NOW!

Over looking the crowd we could tell everyone was pleased, especially the fan who got to keep Flo Ridas Gold and Diamond Watch. Kids and grown women join the stage when he played his Hit song “Low” and RCA got it on video. . ß Jessica Moos also seen in video.

Before Flo Rida went on the San Antonio crowd got to judge a Bikini Contest. All the girls who participated where beautifully built. Second place winner Raquel Stark received $100. However the show was taken away bye the gorgeous Jessica Moos. Ms. Moos a current BUD LIGHT MODEL, and HARLEY’S ANGEL won $500. River City Attractions was pleased to enjoy the rest of the events with Jessica Moos by our side.

Bret Michaels was in true form at Sea World

By Ally Gutierrez &nErika Garcia

Bret Michaels made a huge comeback at Sea World on Friday. He preformed some of his big hits from years past, such as “Talk to Me Dirty” and “Every Rose has its Thorn”, including “Sweet Home Alabama” from the late great , Lynyrd Skynyrd. He also paid tribute to our troops overseas by singing “Something to Believe In”. Bret had the place rocking, with his family along side him. Despite the health complications he had in April he was a true rocker that evening. He did not hesitate in expressing his thanks to the all the staff at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital for his emergency appendicitis back in April which resulted in canceling that performance. This was his make-up show and a show it was as we did get to talk to some of his devoted fans . Bret is looking forward to his “Life as I know it”reality debut on VH1 this month on the 18th and will include film footage of his visit here in the river city .

We first met Connie, Sally, and Christopher, who had been waiting for 4 hours just to get a good spot in the VIP section, which happened to be the same spot they were in when Bret came in April. They, ironically, waited 4 hours back in April as they received word that the show had to be cancelled due to his deteriorating health condition. Connie has been a true fan for 20 years and her favorite song is “Every Rose has it’s Thorn”.

Along with her 2 friends, we met Rhonda, in the VIP section. Their favorite songs are “Every Rose has it’s Thorn” and “Talk to Me Dirty”. Rhonda just became a fan of Bret’s this past year. She was laid off from her job, her DJ friend gave her some Bret Michaels’ music, and it helped her through that time. Her story showed us that music can truly have an effect on people’s lives.

Then we met Elizabeth with her 2 sons Christian and Matthew. Elizabeth has been a fan since she was 29 and her all-time favorite song is “Every Rose has it’s Thorn”. She says her sons have been practicing being Bret Michaels by wearing the red bandana and rocking out to his music.

Next, we met Yolanda, Mary, and Monica. Yolanda being a devoted fan herself got her 8 foster children to become fans as well. Mary who recently adopted 3 foster children was at the show to take pictures for her kids. Their stories truly touched our hearts. Monica traveled from Cotulla just to be there.

Finally, we met Helen and her Nephew, who were sitting in the front row. She informed us that her nephew just had to be there, that he wanted to come to the show, and could not find anybody who wanted to bring him. She decided to take it upon herself to bring him because she knew that would make him happy. Not only is he a fan but Helen has been a fan since Poison days, so it made her happy as well.

The concert was a huge success! We hope that Bret comes back again to San Antonio really soon! which pretty much summed it up from the sea of fans.

Shaun Anthony CD Release Party & Birthday Bash at Posh

By Jonathan Liles

Excited fans and curious bystanders watch closely as Shaun Anthony shot his first RnB music video at Hotel Valencia in the heart of San Antonio (downtown).

The name of the song for the music video is called “Give It To Me Girl” by Shaun Anthony featuring Yung Fyngas and video shot by New Tribe Films. (look for song on itunes) The song is a big part of Shaun Anthonys RnB mixtape called “RnB Love”. This Album features local San Antonio artists such as Yung Fyngas, Tony Jones, Bugsy, and Queen (female rapper).

Album will be released October 8th 2010 @ Posh Ultra Lounge 7959 Broadway suite 500 San Antonio, TX.

River City Attractions noticed Shauns awesome interpersonal skills as he worked hard getting every scene right. When other’s got frustrated Shaun Anthony smiled and did what he had to do to get work done. The majority of the music video shaun wore a pare of shades which at one point ended up missing. Shaun Anthony kept his cool the entire time and got work done.

When Shaun Anthony finally got a break we talked for good amount of time about many subjects. Simply just having a goodtime the key points of the interview went something like this:

What is song about? “The song/concept is about me seeing/meeting a woman and off bat im blown away by her, and basically I’m pursuing her and telling her to come talk/be with me.”

What is the album about? “This mixtape is pretty much a blend of new hip hop and RnB in my own inventive style. It was made to re-vive RnB and since my love and passion for music derives from RnB that is how I came up with the title “RnB Love”

What/who inspired you to sing? “My mother was a big influence in my life for singing because I grew up listening to her and my aunts always sing in the church choir and that is how I began when I was a young boy. My other influences to sing were artists like Micheal Jackson, Boys 2 men, Brian Mcknight, Tank, Usher. I grew up listeing to early 90’s RnB and fell in love from the start.”

When did you know you wanted to write music for a living? “It was not until about 3 yrs ago when I decided that I wanted to really pursue my dream and make this thing become a reality. I would always play the piano and make up stuff to sing with what I was playing so I figured I would give it a shot and be really serious about it.”

What is your perspective or feel on your genre of music today? “I feel that true RnB has taken a bit of the back burner role. We went from classic love making joints and feel good music to just being hook singers on rappers songs. I do feel that RnB is coming back throught certain artist such as Tank, Jaime Foxx, Trey Songz, and definetely Ne-yo. So there are some artist def trying to bring it back to that level that we once were at. The Dwele, Anthony Hamilton’s, Musiq Soulchild, Maxwell, are all pushing to bring back that true feel good music that we all love.”

How long have you been in the business? “Professionally 2yrs”

What is your favorite work done by you? “So far it is this music video that we are currently wrapping up and my mixtape project in whole. My journey has come a far way from just doing a lot of artist development the 1st year and featuring on several artist tracks to finally coming into my own and finding my niche in this game.”

Have you worked with anyone famous? “I have no had the opportunity to work with an artist one on one, but I have met with several ones and received positive feedback from big names such as Kevin Black Lydia Harris, and Skatta Burrell.”

What is the next big project? “The next big project will be my debut album which I plan on having in stores by mid next year. I will definitely have feat by big name artist and producers in the game. For now I am continuing to work hard to get this record deal…and investing in myself to get there. I have a great team that surrounds me and pushes me and I believe that working hard and continuing to make records, mixtapes, videos, and albums will pay off. You will see me at the top!!!”

Contact info:
Phone number: 210-379-1602 Anthony

Tejano Super Show and Low Low Car Show

By Ally Gutierrez

River City Attractions was very excited to be covering this event that showcased numerous works of art on 4 wheels, fantastic sounds from Tejano and Hip-Hop artist.

Yours truly and two other staff members were immediately introduced to Fade Dog!!! He is a new and rising hip-hop artist from SA. His new album entitled “2 Gangsta 4 Radio” can be heard on 98.5 the Beat or check him out at Noche Caliente.

At the Hip Hop corner fans ran and crowded the area that Paul Wall, Slim Thug and Kyle Lee arrived at and security tried their best to control the crowd. When they performed on stage the place was jumping!!!! Great job guys! Captured up close and personal pic’s of the artist and me.

On the Tejano stage we anxiously awaited the performances of Ruben Ramos, Michael Salgado and Los Desperadoz. Fans waited patiently and when the artist got on stage the crowd went wild, sang to their favorite tunes and danced in whatever space was available.

This musical event lent itself to young and old alike but let’s not forget about the low low works of art. A local favorite at the show was the “Creepy Crawler”, the car is a 96 Honda and has 150 nitro’s, it took the owner 2 years to restore the car and at a price of $5,000.

An eye catching vibrant green Chevy Truck was loaded with Lamborghini doors and 36 inch rims. Check out the awesome interior in the picture.

“Damn Fool” is a ’87 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. The car was assembled in under a month and the designers painted it what I call a black red candy apple color. The hood of this car had a black and white checkerboard….different but awesome!

“Blue and White Beauty” without a doubt is another local favorite. This gorgeous ’02 Cadillac Sedan with a V8 engine has a pearl white paint job with blue glitter tint that makes the car sparkle. This car has 22 inch rims and has a picture of Jordan on it but Jordan isn’t holding a basketball he is holding a wire wisk.

“Rollerz Only” limited addition ’65 Chevy Impala is owned by Bobby who serves in the US Army. He bought this car 3 years ago as a project car from another army buddy for a few thousand dollars and after restoration this car has tripled in price.

It was a great day…..after many interviews and snapping many photo’s we called it a day. Until next time see you in pictures!!!!!! See photo’s below…..

A Major Kudo’s to RedLine Entertainment as another one of their great events brought San Antonians in droves. We’ll see ya’ll again at the next show!

Stay tuned for the next event here at “the hotest fasting growing website for San Antonio and and the southwest

Photo’s by Ally Gutierez, Crista Garcia and Michael Gutierrez

Is Jorge Alejandro About to Hit the Lottery?

Jorge Alejandro is one of fifteen finalists in the Songwriting Contest for Hope and Justice in a competition of over 200 composers.

“Levanten La Voz,” which Alejandro co-wrote with his brother Alfredo Knott is the tune that made the finals.

The first place winner will take home $6,000; and the runner ups will receive $2,000; $1,200 and $800. Other local finalists include Bebo Cardenas, René René and Jesse Farias of La Tropa F plus doctors Rachel Cruz and Josie Méndez Negrette. It’s not the lottery, but it’s the next best thing.

“I wrote the two songs I submitted as a story with a diplomatic protest,” said Alejandro, who dropped his last name, Knott, when he became a solo recording artist.

Other finalists include songwriters from Laredo (Los Tres Reyes featuring Gilberto Puente), Dallas, the Rio Grande Valley, Puerto Rico, Mexico, California and yes, Arizona.

The 51-year-old vocalist, whose father is Anglo-American, was born to Yolanda Ornelas in Villa Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico where the music bug bite him when he attended his first concert at fourteen.

“I moved to Texas in 1973 in search of a big city and larger opportunities,” Alejandro said of his reason for crossing the border to the land of opportunity.

A year later he became a bass player with Los Tipicos. Then, what is now ironic, he joined the vocal duo of René and René. It is also ironic that Rene’s last name is the same as his mothers, Ornelas, and are both now vying for the same prize.

In regard to the songwriting competition, Alejandro said, “René René was one of my first influences and inspirations because he’s a good songwriter.”

Jorge Ramírez was the other ‘René.’ Next Alejandro and Ramírez hooked up with Joe Revelez to become Rio Rami, a Tejano group that had great success in Mexico – while simultaneously playing bass in the Ramiro Cervera Orchestra before finally forming Jorge Alejandro y La Paz in 1981.

In fact the Rio Rami album was produced with none other than Marco Antonio Solís.

The 1980s was a good decade as he released 45 rpm singles, cassettes and 33 1/3 rpm albums on the Cara, SAS, Moni, Joey, Del Rey and CBS record labels, not to mention becoming the host of his own television show and receiving several Tejano Music Awards nominations. Then his recording as a soloist became virtually non-existent because he became a highly sought-after recording engineer and studio musician, songwriter and singer.

“Yes, I did record, but always as a part of other projects,” Alejandro said of his absence from radio’s airwaves. “Some were international hits in other genres such as reggaeton.

As a singer, I did backup vocals for Masizzo, Mazz, Mesquite and he was featured in several compilations. As a songwriter, he wrote “Sin Ella,” “Que Traigan Botellas” and “Serveme Otra Cantinero” for Michael Salgado; also “Señorita Tequila” and “Hay un Corazón” for Jay Pérez,

As a producer/engineer he did recording sessions with Reyli, Dinastia Norteña sometimes also playing bass, cowbells, timbales and other percussion instruments as a studio musician.

Besides being in demand, he was also selected the 2005 Academy of Tejano Musicians and Artists’ “Percussionist of the Year.”


This year, Alejandro, who has not recorded in ten years as a soloist, decided it was time to reconnect with his fans.

“However I have been jamming here and there,” Alejandro said in regard to his sitting in, singing and playing congas and timbales with various groups.

Alejandro’s latest compact disc, “El Ladron de Tu Amor” (“The Thief of Your Love”), of which he wrote 65 percent of the songs, as can be expected is very international with a sprinkling of Tejano here and there.

In addition, the multi-talented musician, who celebrated his birthday on August 14th says, “I re-recorded “Señor Bolero,” “No Digas Nada,” “Poquito de Pecado,” “Que Gano” and “Dos Monedas” because people request them and fans can’t find those records anymore.

“Despues De Ti,” penned by Beto Ramón, is another fan favorite and one tune for which a video was produced by the late Jerry De La Rosa five years ago.

“I’ve always been a romantic on the melody and my forte is the ballad. Unfortunately that’s not what la raza likes, but I still wrote and recorded ‘Vuelve.’ ”

On “Vamos A Platicar,” which was initially made popular by Los Socios Del Ritmo, Alejandro sounds a lot like José José.

“Locamente,” also written by Alejandro is so catchy; it could easily be spun off into a commercial. And “Quiero Amanecer” is a new joyful version of the Mikie Laure original done in a norteño style club remix with a touch of hip hop.

Some of the musicians on this ongoing production for the last six years are the late Jerry De La Rosa, keyboards; Angela Mesquiti, backup vocals; plus arrangements, keyboards and guitar by Alejandro, Margie Hernández and Ralph Sáenz.

This CD could easily have been titled “The Best of” or “Las Mejores Canciones de” because every song is a proven hit.

“There’s more to come because I still have new old songs in the stove that I have already recorded, but then, there’s nothing to look forward to in the future,” Alejandro revealed.

“One of them is ‘Mama.’ It’s a mariachi tune I wrote this for my own mom when she died two years ago and which I plan to release as a single during the Christmas days.

Now that Alejandro has reactivated La Paz and will be doing more and more live gigs, don’t expect him to cover other band’s tunes because as he says, “The reason people are there is to hear ‘your’ music and not cover tunes, so I’m there to give them my best.”

Once word got out that Alejandro was back, he was swamped with invitations to appear on the newly resuscitated Johnny Canales Show and Rudy Treviño’s “Domingo Show” in Corpus Christi plus “Tejano Y Más” and other television programs throughout Texas.

For bookings call (210) 214-1861. For more information, check out, and

On Friday, September 24, all fifteen Sing for Hope and Justice Music songwriting contest finalists will perform the tune that took them to the finals at the Restoration Centre at 6401 Bandera Rd. Tickets for the awards show are available at Janie’s Record Shops and for more information on this event, call Dr. Paul or Margarita Ruiz at (210) 979-0575.

Raulito Navaira Breaks into Television

Raulito Navaira is a good example of what talent, coupled with determination and a little luck, can achieve in spite of the odds.

It’s one thing to be a guest on television shows or to film a video for airing on countless television entertainment programs; however, there are few singers that can boast about being selected by an international company as the sole television personality to promote their line of products. This is the case of Raulito, who after much research, was picked by Barcel U.S.A. to be the official spokesperson in the entire Great State of Texas. Barcel U.S.A. is the snack division of Grupo Bimbo with such products as Toreadas potato chips.

This is quite an accomplishment in view of the fact that less than one year ago Raulito was just contemplating recording his first solo album.

“I had written dozens of songs for inclusion in other albums, but this time my compositions reflected my own life, my own experiences,” Raulito said during an interview at the Hispanic Entertainment Archives.

God works in mysterious ways, as the proverb goes for years his mother, María Navaira, his wife Josie and Leslie Salazar had been co-workers at Vestal Elementary School. Everyone knew each other and their families would run into each other at various school events but that was it. That is, until August of last year when Leslie’s husband, Orlando Salazar and Raulito discussed, “Why don’t we get together and start a record company?”

Orlando is the president of Salazar Investment Group, which owns a series of diversified businesses that include an insurance agency, rental properties, real estate development projects and interest in agricultural projects.

The merger of Raulito’s talent as a singer, songwriter, arranger and sometime comic and Salazar’s thirty years of business experience resulted in the formation of Mis Visiones Records. Their first release was titled Simplemente Raulito and through Orlando’s contacts, they were able to do what was deemed difficult for an independent record label. They secured a distribution agreement with Wal Mart to have the compact disc placed in over 100 stores in fifteen different states. To top it off, the title track, Bajo de Tu Sombra, made Billboard’s regional Mexican charts.

Raulito’s tunes were on heavy radio rotation, the CD was selling, it was charting and all this was being noted by Barcel U.S.A., a Mexico-based snack line of production that includes chips, candy, cookies and peanuts.

In November, the business partners inked a contract with Barcel U.S.A. and embarked in a series of promotions. They held in-store meet-and-greets where the jovial singer-songwriter posed for pictures with fans and autographed hats, photos, posters and bags of Barcel products such as Takis and Toreadas potato chips.

Barcel management took note of Raulito’s popularity which led them to ask if he had any other promotional ideas.

The vocalist, who delights audiences with his now famous pasito (dance step), has long been a fan of late night talk shows. So without hesitating, he responded, “How about a late night talk show featuring the best of the Hispanic people and culture?” “It’s always been a dream of mine,” he added. They liked the idea and they said, ‘Let’s do it.’ ”

Shortly after that, Raulito won the coveted Premios a La Música Latina “New Artist of the Year” category.

Fans love Raulito because he’s full of life and that registers on his smiling face that radiates happiness as he jokes around on stage and goes through his famous pasito.

“I was never the class clown and I’m not a jokester, but I can make people laugh,” he said with a jolly laugh.

In less than a year many things have been accomplished that normally would take three to five years. Like Batman and Robin, the dynamic duo of Orlando Salazar and Raulito Navaira are bound to surprise us with wonderful television entertainment.

Raulito’s television show is already airing on FOX network television stations in San Antonio, Houston, Victoria, Lubbock, Midland-Odessa, Corpus Christi and the River Grande Valley each Saturday and Sunday night and Salazar describes it as “David Letterman meets Don Francisco’s Sabado Gigante.”

The first program featured Little Joe. The second program features Colombian Aniceto Molina and his contagious vallenato style plus actress Ara Celi airs on Aug. 21 and 22.

Everyone is familiar with Ara Celi, she used to be on “All My Children” and had the lead role in “Looking for Lola.” She also appeared on “Law and Order” and “Nip/Tuck.” Next she is co-starring opposite Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodríguez and Danny Trejo in “Machete,” which is slated for a September release. Future guests will include Alicia Villarreal, Daddy Yankee and other internationally known Latino artists. Doe’s everyone remember “on bandera rd just 2 blocks outside loop 410”.

The highly entertaining opening, which shows Raulito running all over the Alamo City, will hook television viewers into staying tune for the rest of the program.

Next, Gabriel Barajas clicks his drum sticks together and the Best Buy Band a.k.a. the 3 B’s – Chris Arocha, accordion; Diego Navaira, keyboards; Emilio Navaira IV, guitar; Doroteo “Trey” Villegas, guitar; and Rodrigo Navaira, bass — kick in with a opening catchy instrumental tune and their talent rivals that of any late night show orchestra.

After Raulito’s monologue, he will introduce Little Joe’s new hot sauce and interview the onda chicana music icon. Then there’s a cooking segment with Leticia Sepulveda of Don Pedro’s Restaurant, there’s prizes for the audience and of course a song performed by the “King of the Brown Sound.”

Throughout the program, Raulito will be surrounded by the Toreadas Girls, who are Desiree Carrillo, Courtney De La Rosa, Goria Esparza, Claudia Hill, Víctoria Martínez, Macy Miranda and María Tovar.

In addition, Destiny Navaira entertains the studio audience during set changes.

The next taping of Raulito’s Show will take place at Sam’s Music Hall on Tuesday, Aug. 17, Aug. 31, Sept. 14 and Sept. 28. Raulito records two shows before a live studio audience on one night. Henceforth the show will tape at the same location every other Tuesday.

Check with your television station for the exact time Raulito’s show airs in your local area. Watch it and you’ll get hooked for the rest of the season.

Emilio Is a Living Testimony of the Power of Prayer

Story & Photos By: Ramón Hernández

The return of Emilio Navaira less than three years after his almost fatal accident is a miracle.

The minute his fans found out that he and some band members had been hospitalized, they started to pray, form prayer groups and by the next evening thousands conducted candle light vigils in several cities.

Latin Connection correspondent Madeline Lozano, who was part of the thousands of people at Alamodome vividly recalls that evening.

“The whole parking lot was full. There was a small makeshift stage from where Jonny Ramírez emceed and Javier Galván served as lead prayer warrior as David Lee Garza, Ram Herrera, Jay Pérez and other artists gave their heartfelt testimonies as their voices cracked with emotion as they described Emilio as a fighter and asked God to perform a healing.

“Raulito and Emilio’s sons choked up on their words as they spoke, prayed and thanked fans for showing up,” Lozano continued.

“People just kept coming up and not alone, but with their entire families. It felt like when 9-11 occurred and everyone united. It was as though at least they were together if something were to happen.

“There were times when it was quiet and one could feel the coming together, the emotion and the quiet prayers of the people, which seem to be saying, ‘God, we can’t afford to lose another artist.’ Imagine what it would do to Tejano music?”

In addition people prayed at home and at other prayer services; and God heard everyone’s prayers. Realistically, it would take others many more years to reach the point where Emilio is presently at.

The 47-year-old singer initiated his comeback trail by popping up during Clay Walker’s June performance in San Antonio. On Sunday, July 11, after his brother Raulito performed “Bajo De Tu Sombra” (“Under Your Shadow”) – also voted “Song of the Year” – Emilio surprised an unsuspecting Tejano Music Awards audience by joining his little brother onstage for a short rendition of “Cómo Le Hare.”

Three days later, Emilio and two of his sons, Emilio IV and Diego; plus Raulito and his son Rodrigo gave Jonny Ramírez of Tejano 107 the exclusivity of the first radio interview since the accident.

“I miss all you guys and I’m excited,” were Emilio’s opening words. “I’m nervous, like a new kid.”

Ramírez commented on his fantastic progress then, referring to the awards show, added, “Leave it to a Mexican to run onstage.”

“It felt great,” Emilio said of the impromptu appearance. “I get nervous a lot, but I thank God.”

“Are you ready to do a full set? Are you ready to go back on stage,” Ramírez asked in reference to his upcoming gig in Poteet.

“I may be there two to three hours,” Emilio responded. “I just hope to God to do it all.”

Then Emilio revealed what this writer already knew, but was not allowed to release or expose, until now.

“I get lost with the timing, with the songs. I remember the Dave Lee tunes better and it’s going to take time. Sometimes, if I don’t know a song, I have to make up the words.”

Asked how he stayed in shape, Emilio said he was cycling and running three miles a day. Then shifting the conversation to Raulito, he said, “I’m proud of Raulito and I have to get him back with me … we miss each other.”

Then Ramírez talked about the time when he heard the first version of “Bajo De Tu Sombra” and how happy he was that Raulito took his advice and also congratulated him on the tune winning “Song of the Year.”

“Rather than rush it out, I redid the whole thing and the award really goes out to my brother because he inspired me,” Raulito said. “And in regard to my brother being here today, my mom tells me to give thanks to all the prayers because that’s what saved Emilio’s life.”

Last Sunday, Emilio and Raulito did a 40-minute set during the fundraiser for the Óscar Montemayor Family in Poteet, Texas and Emilio never once glanced down at the lyrics that were placed behind the monitor speakers in case he forgot the lyrics to any song.

“Sometimes I have to read the words and I hate doing that. I freak out,” Emilio said.

One must realize that what took 47 years to learn, he’s trying to relearn in three years, but it’s as a KXTN listener e-mailed,” The Lord has already forgiven you for the past and you are a great testimony. Amen.

Raulito fans feel for him because they fear he may be overshadowed by the shift in attention to his older brother. However, they need not worry because Raulito is now a star in his own right. So much so, that he has a long string of sponsors and has landed his own television show on the Fox network, more on that in a future article.

Emilio Is Back!

Emilio Navaira, simply known as Emilio in the country and western market, is back.

The soon-to-be 48-year-old popular musician made his first appearance in front of a Tejano crowd of almost 3,000 during the 30th Tejano Music Awards. His birthday is August 23.

It was hard keeping the surprise under one’s hat, but as they say in the U.S. Navy, “loose lips sink ships.”

Emilio, his wife Maru; his sons Emilio III and Diego plus his little brother Raulito arrived accompanied by Orlando Salazar at approximately 7:15 p.m. However, after taking a quick peek at the backstage area, they went back outside to smoke a last cigarette before entering the non-smoking facility. There, they were joined by yours truly and Ramiro “Ram” Herrera.

That was a reunion of sorts since Emilio replaced Ram when “the most wanted man” quit David Lee Garza y Los Musicales. Nine albums later, Emilio also quit to go solo and enlisted Joe Rios Sr. a.k.a. “The Tom Parker of Tejano Music” to guide him into becoming a household name – that’s where this writer came in since I was the publicist for CJ Talent and helped Rios come up with an image and gimmicks to set each artist apart and stand above the rest. That was back in late 1988.

However, that’s history. Getting back to the present, by the time Emilio came back inside the word was out among the female artists and he was quickly surrounded by Stefani Montiel, Elida Reyna and Shelly Lares for a quick photo opportunity before entering his own dressing room. There Emilio held court with Pete Astudillo, Joe Sánchez of Los Dinos and Chente Barrera.

Out front, Paul Rodríguez was being his normal silly self and the audience was eating it up. Danny Trejo sat in a front row table directly across the aisle from Abraham Quintanilla family and Ram was sitting to his right.

On stage, a musical tribute to Latin Breed took place at the beginning of the show when Adalberto Gallegos, Jay Pérez, Roger Velásquez and Pee Wee sang a melody of Breed tunes. Gibby Escobedo, saxophone; Alex Hernández, alto saxophone; Frank Pérez, trumpet; and Donald Garza, trumpet; all former Breed musicians were part of the Tejano Music Awards Band. Out on the floor, George Cantú, trumpet; Pete Garza, bass; and Catarino Estrada, roadie; also former Breed members sat and watched until they were introduced and stood up to be acknowledged with the sound of thunderous applause.

During the show, the Tejano Music Awards Orchestra also backed up Ram on “Amor Querido.” Ram got the “1980s Awards.” They also backed up Raulito, his son Rodrigo and his daughter Destiny on “Bajo De Tu Sombra.” That was the lead in to the biggest surprise of the evening – Emilio stepped on stage and the crowd went wild. The brothers hugged as though they had not seen each other since the March 23, 2008 accident, then Emilio sang during the bridge of “Cómo Le Hare.” Their energy level was at a peak and it was contagious as the audience stood up to give them a standing ovation as Emilio did his shuffle and Raulito did his pasito.

In what seemed like seconds, it was all over.

“I love them,” Emilio exclaimed of his fans as he walked off into the wings. “It was great.”

“It was something special, something historic,” Raulito said. “I felt as though we were back in 1995.”

If any of our readers missed seeing Emilio, although it’s a bit strenuous, he, Los Musicales de David Lee Garza, Intocable, Jimmy González y Grupo Mazz, Los Desperadoz, La Tropa F and Jaime y Los Chamacos, Los Aguilares, A.C.T.S. Band and Grupo Visión will be performing at the United Music Festival this Sunday, July 18th at the Poteet Festival Grounds. Admission for this star-studded event to benefit the late Margie Montemayor is a mere $10 donation.

Joe Posada Proves Staying Power with Five Tejano Music Awards Nominations

Classy, saxy and innovative are some adjectives that have used to describe Joe Posada, a mainstay in this city’s music scene for 44 years.

This year, the ageless, versatile musician is nominated “Best Entertainer,” “Best Vocalist” and also in the “Best Vocal Duo” category for “Si Cocinas Como Caminas” in duet with Leslie Lugo. That same tune also received a “Song of the Year” nod and “Hermosa Soñadora,” recorded in a rhythmic boss nova groove was nominated the “Crossover Song” category. Both tunes are both off Posada’s “Point of View” compact disc, his latest release.

“By the time I finished elementary school, I was already a member of D.R. and The Interiors, a group of kids from around the San Juan Courts,” Posada said during an interview at his luxurious Westside home bearing the same address where he grew up.

“D” stood for David Casas on bass and “R” was vocalist Robert Gómez. Posada, saxophone; Greg Araiza, guitar; and Raúl “Ito” Reyes, drums; made up the rest of the band.

In 1967, a then 13-year-old Posada recorded his first 45 rpm single, “Por Ultima Vez,” as the sax player of Fito Riojas and The Sensations, which consisted of Daniel “Dumbo” Saldivar, Posada, Joe “Corky” Rodriguez, Cruz “Gole” Velásquez, Raúl Jiménez, Paul “Polito” Riojas, John Gallardo, Fito and Jesse González.

“I didn’t start singing until I joined Rudy Tee and the Reno Bops and Red Gonzales had me doing backup vocals on some songs,” the 56-year-old horn-man said.

A brief stint with Jesse Vallego’s Zapata followed and as Posada said, “When Joe Jama was going to quit, David Marez lobbied for me and took Óscar (Lawson) and Henry (Hernández) to listen to me. The Jesters used three-part harmony and I became one of their three voices in the ‘The Band’ album.”

In 1976, he was voted into the Mike Chávez All-Pro Band by his peers. By 1977, Marez had quit the Jesters to form People and Posada followed. One year stints with George Morín and Momentus plus Al Sturchio before Posada formed El Quinto Sol in June, 1982.

Before the year was over, he had recorded “Orale” and “Fuiste Tú,” his first single as a solo artist for Manny Guerra’s AMS Records; and “25 Corazónes” featuring “A Primer Vista” on the flipside for Bob Grever’s Cara label.

The following year, the singer-songwriter-musician won the Texas Association of Spanish Announcer’s El Zenzotli Award for “Best Tejano Group” and Posada was on his way to becoming a living legend. In 1984, he received his first Tejano Music Awards nomination for “Male Entertainer” and in ’85, his first nomination for “Male Vocalist,” not to mention countless nominations for “Single, Song and Album” plus “Duo” of the year nominations eventually winning “Best Tejano Horn Musician” and “Best Specialty Instrument” for playing the wind tone generator as he began to fuse and unify jazz, soul and polka thus making him stand out among a slew of conventional cookie-cutter groups.

“I now also play the ‘ewi’ (an electronic wind instrument),” the 2005 Tejano Roots Hall of Fame inductee added.

Along the way, Posada started carving a path jazzing up Tejano music with his innovation licks thus becoming a high-demand studio musician on recordings by Lisa Lopez, La Mafia, Mazz, La Fiebre at Eddie Alemán, Manny and Joey López’s Zaz recording studios as he simultaneously continued to churn out one Quinto Sol album after another on Cara, Capitol and EMI Latin; plus a CD with his son, Joe Posada Jr. for Fonovisa in early 1998.

“Right after that I dropped out of the scene because Tejano music was too accordion-spanked and at the time I was not using too much accordion in my music,” Posada said. “And at that time, my career was not going anywhere.”

This is when Posada turned to his first love, jazz; and for seven years he became a fixture in the Alamo City’s jazz circle as he performed and recorded with various jazz artists with a new look since he also shaved off his mustache, cut his hair a little shorter and started wearing a fedora.

“During this period, I also studied music theory, piano and basics at San Antonio College because I got the notion of being a music teacher.”

It was also during this musical seven-year itch that the world discovered Posada’s lyrical phrasing and timing with a song was comparable to Tony Bennett, who Frank Sinatra once described as a singer’s singer. This is especially evident in his “Here’s Looking at You” CD.

Another few hidden talents is that with the exception of his proficiency as a flute player, few people realize that Posada also plays accordion, piano, guitar and bongos. “In fact, I use the guitar and piano to compose many of my songs,” he said.

After EMI Latin, Discos Sony and other national labels abandoned the Tejano music genre, in 2004 and now a grandfather, Posada decided to form his own record company and produce other artists. And he named it Baby Dude Records because when his five grandchildren would come to the home, he would say, “hey, it’s the baby dudes.”

“Then and Now” was the perfect title for the first CD because he re-harmonized ten of his greatest hits and updated them with snazzy new sophisticated arrangements turning them into a multi-genre blend and making them a listener’s delight. Then he added five jazz tunes to educate and give his fans a taste of that genre. Best of all, the album garnered a coveted Grammy Award nomination.

His second album, “Amor y Fuego” received a Latin Grammy Award nomination. Then he produced “Corazon de Oro” for David Marez and that Baby Dude CD also got a Grammy Award nomination. To top it off, his third CD on his own label, “Despacito” earned a Latin Grammy nomination. This is the album which features a genie coming out of a saxophone and that was his daughter Analisa’s idea.

His “Friends and Legends” CD produced another Grammy Award nomination and “Yo Fui El Culpable” in duet with Jay Perez won the pair “Vocal Duo of the Year” at the 2008 TMA.

And the year before, the Taurus won the “Mejor Latin Jazz Album” at Premios a La Música Latina with “Jazzano” in which his flute playing mesmerizes the listener with “The Wright Choice.” That CD includes “Brazilian Moon” and “Up and In,” two more instrumentals that translate to sheer listening pleasure.

In view of the fact that Posada did not venture far after his re-entry into the Tejano market makes the number of Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations quite an achievement.

“A Grammy would be nice, but I’m not disappointed at all,” Posada said. “Happiness is playing a living doing music. That’s the secret of success for me. Before, I was looking for success when it was right here at arm’s length.”

As to why Posada re-entered the Tejano, he said, “One day I turned on the radio and everything seemed so pre-packaged and microwavable. So I said, ‘Somebody has to put their heart and soul into it.’ And what helps me on the sales end are distributors as Chano Elizondo. He’s the mero mero.”

As this writer scanned walls plus shelves and shelves full of certificates, ribbons, medals, trophies and other forms of awards, I realized it would take at least two full pages of this e-online news-server just to list his countless accolades. I had already compiled a comprehensive biography and discography and now I had another twelve pages of notes full of information, including the fact that Posada is also the author of “Sax: Technique of Actual Return” in which he explains cyclic sequence and other music terminologies beyond normal comprehension.

What is important for RiverCityAttractions readers is that each week, they can see the multi-Grammy nominated artist perform each Tuesday at Chacho’s on Callaghan Road, each Thursday at Chacho’s at Perrin Beitel, and at the 517 Lounge in Landry’s each Friday and Saturday. On Mondays and Wednesdays, he fills up the rest of his weekly calendar doing private corporate events at the San Antonio Convention Center.

As to the passing of the torch, Laura Ann Anderson plays guitar, Joe Jr. plays drums for his father, and Analisa plays violin, piano and flute, but is a part of the film industry in Hollywood and New York. None took up the drums, which was the first instrument he initially chose to play.

Furthermore, Laura Ann and Joe Jr. have made Joe and Rosalyn, his wife of 34 years, the grandparents of perhaps five more musicians with Matthew James, Zacchaeus, Christian, Joshua and Mia.

For everything else you want to know about Joe Posada, check out, and