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Music review

Flo-Rida was Flowing at AutoFest

By Jonathan Liles & Nathan Vargs

The Auto Fest at Cowboys Dance Hall Oct 19th, 2010 was packed with people of all ages. Over all River City Attractions enjoyed the car show but the peak of the event was when Flo Rida hit the stage and opened with “In the Ayer”. Flo Rida definitely worked the San Antonio crowd with a few of his Hit Songs such as, “Club Cant Handle Me” and “Elevator”. Flo Rida also performed “Turn around (5,4,3,2,1)” off the new album ONLY 1 FLO (PT.1) in stores & online November 30th! Click HERE to listen NOW!

Bret Michaels was in true form at Sea World

By Ally Gutierrez &nErika Garcia

Bret Michaels made a huge comeback at Sea World on Friday. He preformed some of his big hits from years past, such as “Talk to Me Dirty” and “Every Rose has its Thorn”, including “Sweet Home Alabama” from the late great , Lynyrd Skynyrd. He also paid tribute to our troops overseas by singing “Something to Believe In”. Bret had the place rocking, with his family along side him. Despite the health complications he had in April he was a true rocker that evening. He did not hesitate in expressing his thanks to the all the staff at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital for his emergency appendicitis back in April which resulted in canceling that performance. This was his make-up show and a show it was as we did get to talk to some of his devoted fans . Bret is looking forward to his “Life as I know it”reality debut on VH1 this month on the 18th and will include film footage of his visit here in the river city .

Shaun Anthony CD Release Party & Birthday Bash at Posh

By Jonathan Liles

Excited fans and curious bystanders watch closely as Shaun Anthony shot his first RnB music video at Hotel Valencia in the heart of San Antonio (downtown).

The name of the song for the music video is called “Give It To Me Girl” by Shaun Anthony featuring Yung Fyngas and video shot by New Tribe Films. (look for song on itunes) The song is a big part of Shaun Anthonys RnB mixtape called “RnB Love”. This Album features local San Antonio artists such as Yung Fyngas, Tony Jones, Bugsy, and Queen (female rapper).

Tejano Super Show and Low Low Car Show

By Ally Gutierrez

River City Attractions was very excited to be covering this event that showcased numerous works of art on 4 wheels, fantastic sounds from Tejano and Hip-Hop artist.

Yours truly and two other staff members were immediately introduced to Fade Dog!!! He is a new and rising hip-hop artist from SA. His new album entitled “2 Gangsta 4 Radio” can be heard on 98.5 the Beat or check him out at Noche Caliente.

Is Jorge Alejandro About to Hit the Lottery?

Jorge Alejandro is one of fifteen finalists in the Songwriting Contest for Hope and Justice in a competition of over 200 composers.

“Levanten La Voz,” which Alejandro co-wrote with his brother Alfredo Knott is the tune that made the finals.

The first place winner will take home $6,000; and the runner ups will receive $2,000; $1,200 and $800. Other local finalists include Bebo Cardenas, René René and Jesse Farias of La Tropa F plus doctors Rachel Cruz and Josie Méndez Negrette. It’s not the lottery, but it’s the next best thing.

Raulito Navaira Breaks into Television

Raulito Navaira is a good example of what talent, coupled with determination and a little luck, can achieve in spite of the odds.

It’s one thing to be a guest on television shows or to film a video for airing on countless television entertainment programs; however, there are few singers that can boast about being selected by an international company as the sole television personality to promote their line of products. This is the case of Raulito, who after much research, was picked by Barcel U.S.A. to be the official spokesperson in the entire Great State of Texas. Barcel U.S.A. is the snack division of Grupo Bimbo with such products as Toreadas potato chips.

Emilio Is a Living Testimony of the Power of Prayer

Story & Photos By: Ramón Hernández

The return of Emilio Navaira less than three years after his almost fatal accident is a miracle.

The minute his fans found out that he and some band members had been hospitalized, they started to pray, form prayer groups and by the next evening thousands conducted candle light vigils in several cities.

Latin Connection correspondent Madeline Lozano, who was part of the thousands of people at Alamodome vividly recalls that evening.

Emilio Is Back!

Emilio Navaira, simply known as Emilio in the country and western market, is back.

The soon-to-be 48-year-old popular musician made his first appearance in front of a Tejano crowd of almost 3,000 during the 30th Tejano Music Awards. His birthday is August 23.

It was hard keeping the surprise under one’s hat, but as they say in the U.S. Navy, “loose lips sink ships.”

Emilio, his wife Maru; his sons Emilio III and Diego plus his little brother Raulito arrived accompanied by Orlando Salazar at approximately 7:15 p.m. However, after taking a quick peek at the backstage area, they went back outside to smoke a last cigarette before entering the non-smoking facility. There, they were joined by yours truly and Ramiro “Ram” Herrera.

Joe Posada Proves Staying Power with Five Tejano Music Awards Nominations

Classy, saxy and innovative are some adjectives that have used to describe Joe Posada, a mainstay in this city’s music scene for 44 years.

This year, the ageless, versatile musician is nominated “Best Entertainer,” “Best Vocalist” and also in the “Best Vocal Duo” category for “Si Cocinas Como Caminas” in duet with Leslie Lugo. That same tune also received a “Song of the Year” nod and “Hermosa Soñadora,” recorded in a rhythmic boss nova groove was nominated the “Crossover Song” category. Both tunes are both off Posada’s “Point of View” compact disc, his latest release.